May 24, 2022

Australian Open 2022 – The results of the French in the 2nd round: Tan eliminated by Svitolina

Harmony Tan didn’t deserve this. Author of a superb performance against Elina Svitolina in the second round of the Australian Open, the Frenchwoman was forced to retire one game from the end of this very surprising duel. Touched in the left calf, the 24-year-old player was forced to give up a little against her will at 1-5 in the last act.

The end of the game looked like a nightmare for Harmony Tan. Everything changed in the heart of the 3rd act. When she had already conceded the break, she asked for the arrival of the physiotherapist at 1-3, 40/30. Strapped at the calf, she quickly declined, to the point of hardly being able to move on the court. His fate was sealed very early in this last act.

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Tan evacuated in a wheelchair

At 1-5, on one leg, she tried to finish the match, before reality caught up with her. Unable to press on her left leg, she attempted a underhand serve, before prostrating herself in pain. Disoriented, she even wanted to serve in the other service box when she had to play a second ball.

In the stands, her mother, Lizqueen, accompanied by the captain of the French women’s team Julien Benneteau, however told her to stop twice. It was ultimately the referee who decided for Tan, after convincing him that she would aggravate her injury by continuing. Unable to walk off the court, Tan, in tears, was eventually evacuated in a wheelchair from the Margaret Court Arena.

Well shaken by the atypical game of the native of Paris, Svitolina joined the 3rd round by a mouse hole with this victory in three sets (6-3, 5-7, 5-1, abandonment). She has an appointment with a certain Victoria Azarenka for a shock in the 32nd final. It will remain from this match that she had a hard time countering the loose play of the Frenchwoman.

From the end of the 1st set until the start of the 3rd, the former WTA Top 10 was nervous and impatient before finding the key at the start of the 3rd set. It is also the strength of champions, to get out of it when things are going badly. After the meeting, Svitolina said she was sorry for the fate of her rival.

In tears, France’s Tan was evacuated from the Margaret Court Arena in a wheelchair

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