January 26, 2022

Aulas sticks some spades to Juninho and puts pressure on Peter Bosz

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On the departure of Juninho

“I am sorry on a human level. He is a quality person. Maybe in what was done the costume was a bit oversized. Today, he wants to rest and instead be a trainer. Her decision ? We regret it at OL, and I would have liked to have been warned beforehand. Before things take on the public dimension they did. However, it does not change anything in our humanity towards “Juni” and he will always be here at home (…) That everyone regrets him today, I hope so. But I’m not sure ”.

On the replacement of Juninho

“We haven’t decided. Maybe yes, but I don’t know. We are sure that we need a recruiting director. For the sports director, we have to think about it and we will talk about it with Peter because the coach also has his say. Bruno Cheyrou? He is always there. But he can return to the organization chart at this post, we have not yet discussed it with Vincent (Ponsot) ».

On the case of Peter Bosz

“We have to work it out with Peter.” He is a very good person and we will pursue our ideas with him (…) The conditions for his retention? That we find in the Championship the same performances as in the European Cup. Will he survive a 13th place for long? Oh no! The goal is not to finish 13th, you are right. (Silence.) But I don’t have any concerns about it. We have a good team and a good coach ready to work in relation to the Academy, which we have not done too much in recent years. So I have the conviction that we will recover. We will be back on the podium, with Peter Bosz. I could be wrong, but we are working on this hypothesis ”.

On the recruitment of Sardar Azmoun

“We have complete confidence in Peter. So if we can give him satisfaction, we will ”.

Aulas let go

In the columns of L’Equipe, Jean-Michel Aulas went to the front to play the firefighters on duty at OL. The departure of Juninho, his possible replacement, the situation of Peter Bosz and the recruitment of Sardar Azmoun, everything goes …