May 12, 2022

At Cyril Hanouna on C8, 53% of political time is devoted to the far right

POLITICS – “The jester in the service of the extreme right”. This is the title published in the front page of the daily Humanity this Tuesday, February 1, relaying the observations made by the CNRS researcher, Claire Sécail, about the airtime devoted by Cyril Hanouna to nationalist discourse during his broadcasts on C8.

Figures that have a certain impact on Twitter, moreover in a presidential campaign marked by the leading role played by the Bolloré group, to which the chain belongs. And for good reason, according to the monitoring of this researcher specializing in the media, the program TPMP devoted 52.9% of its political airtime to the far right between the months of September and December 2021.

“When we observe the distribution by candidate within this political family, we see that this interest in the far right only benefits Éric Zemmour: while the latter only formalized his candidacy on November 30, 2021 , he alone occupies 44.7% of political airtime”, notes Claire Sécail in an analysis published on 26 January.

“Ideological strategy”

How does Claire Sécail arrive at this count? At the end of her note, the researcher explains her method. Its work consists of “counting the speaking and airtime of the various speakers on the political platforms, taking into account the methods of interaction and the effects of production”, such as the “framing of the themes”, the “capacity of the opponents invited to deframing to their advantage a question centered on their adversary and exposing their own political ideas”, the “capacity of recurring columnists to free themselves from the imposed framing” or even the context in which the exchanges take place.

A method different from that used by the French public authority for the regulation of audiovisual communication (Arcom), which “allows us to think in a finer way about the social and discursive economy of media content”.

When The HuffPost looked into the matter in November, this exposure time was 40%. The already very high visibility of the polemicist has therefore increased by four points in one month. “Our result joins that of Nicolas Hervé who, by the automatic search for the occurrence of the citations of the names of the candidates in the television stream, shows to what extent TPMP (and CNews) grants an overwhelming place to the far right and Éric Zemmour in particular”, specifies the researcher.

Beyond the volume, Claire Sécail points to another characteristic of C8’s coverage of the founder of Reconquête!, and of the far right in general. “On C8, as on CNews, we never present the guests as far-right, which helps to trivialize their ideas,” she explains to Humanity, revealing an “ideological strategy” at work within the Bolloré group.

In addition, the subjects of debate between columnists focus disproportionately on this or that event in Éric Zemmour’s campaign. Damning observations that do not go to the criticisms made of Vincent Bolloré, accused of putting his media empire at the service of far-right ideas, and those of Éric Zemmour in particular.

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