January 25, 2022

“Are you going to sleep better if I tell you that I condemn?” “

Salah Abdeslam is doing well, his medical bulletin certifies that the last traces of Covid-19 positivity have disappeared. Besides, he smiles under his mask. Osama Krayem still refuses to attend the hearing. “This trial is an illusion, we are all pretending”, he explained in a letter read Thursday, January 6 by his lawyer. The court takes note.

The prosecution announces that it is paying for the proceedings « notes d’incident » transmitted by the security forces. These include insults allegedly uttered in the box by Mohamed Abrini against the Advocate General. The defense is outraged at the secrecy of the conversation. The president, Jean-Louis Périès, grumbled: “Let’s move on a bit. “ The Belgian lawyer for the accused, Mr.e Stanislas Eskenazi, gets away with a pirouette: “If I say for example that the court pisses me off … I’m taking a French presidential term …” Smiles and laughter in the room.

It is 2 pm, Tuesday January 11, and after two weeks of suspension during the holidays, another of false start for health reasons, and an hour of warm-up, the Assize Court of Paris finally enters the “hard” , the interrogations on the merits of the fourteen defendants present on trial for the attacks of November 13, 2015.

“School failure, sports failure, checkmate”

“Mr. Abrini, if you will stand up …” Mohamed Abrini is willing.

Of the 37-year-old Belgian-Moroccan, who grew up in Molenbeek in a pavilion next to that of the Abdeslam family and who was nicknamed “Brioche” or “Brink’s” for his past as a delinquent specializing in burglaries, the court already knows the biography . “School failure, sports failure, checkmate”, he summed up during his personality questioning in November 2021.

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But Mohamed Abrini is above all one of the main defendants of the box. On the afternoon of November 12, 2015, he was with Brahim and Salah Abdeslam in one of the three commando cars – the “Death convoy”, according to his own expression – which joined the Paris region. Returned in the night of November 12 to 13 by taxi to Brussels, he hides from hideout to hideout for four months, before reappearing, his head wearing a hat, on the video surveillance of the Brussels airport of Zaventem, on the 22 March 2016, next to the two suicide bombers who set off their bombs, killing 16 people. For some reason, Abrini abandons his on a cart. He was arrested in April 2016.

In a terrorist trial, the “hard” begins with the accused’s relationship to religion, “Which has been qualified as radicalization”, the president cautiously states. Immediate response from Mohamed Abrini:

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