January 23, 2022

Anne Hidalgo will not step down if Christiane Taubira is a candidate

The Socialist Party candidate brushed aside the idea, insisting instead on the need for a left-wing primary.

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Can the left end the disunity in its ranks? Socialist presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo has in any case decided not to withdraw if Christiane Taubira, who “envisage” to embark on the race for the Elysee Palace, presents her candidacy in January, she assured Thursday, December 23 on BFMTV. “It’s an additional candidacy and I, as far as I’m concerned, I propose a primary from the left”, she reacted.

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“The population wants it, you have 85% of French people who say they are on the left who call this primary”, she explained, even though “it did not escape him” that for the moment none of its main competitors on the left wish to participate. “A primary is the best way to choose transparently” a single candidacy on the left, she insisted.

What form could the primary take? “There are proposals that are made”, replied Anne Hidalgo, without explicitly citing the popular primary, a citizens’ initiative to take place at the end of January. “Of course, we have to work on it, so that the vote is a vote that gives citizens confidence to come and vote”, she added. For now, the mayor of Paris is credited with between 3 and 7% of the voting intentions in the polls.