January 26, 2022

Anne Hidalgo formalizes her presidential program amid internal tensions

This Thursday, January 13 is a great day for Anne Hidalgo. Around 11:30 a.m., in Paris, in a fashionable cultural place near the Gare de Lyon, the socialist candidate for the presidential election must unveil his project. She’s been talking about it for weeks, polishing it like the jewel of her candidacy. The lethal weapon which could, she hopes, overthrow the campaign against her opponents on the left. This program is also its last ammunition.

No luck, the same day, Thursday, the teachers, on strike, mobilized throughout France, and the formalization of this famous project could go by the media trap. But the candidate did not want to postpone the event.

All of its seventy proposals revolve around three axes: work, ecological change and institutional reforms. A classic social-democratic program, resolutely on the left, at a distance from an ecological radicalism and a Macronian “at the same time”. A serious project, but which perhaps lacks a daring and a spectacular measure capable of boosting the ultimate revival of a candidate who does not have much to lose.

Need new blood

Among the measures, we note the increase of the minimum wage by 15%, the creation of a large ministry for the environment and the economy, the institutionalization of a citizens’ initiative referendum or the granting of a check for 5,000 euros for French women and men aged 18.

Boost the minimum wage by 15%, a “climate and economy” ministry: Article reserved for our subscribers the major measures of Anne Hidalgo’s program consulted by “Le Monde”

The mayor of Paris especially intends to strengthen the after-sales service. To popularize her project, translate it into audible and printable slogans, she decided to readjust her campaign team. Tuesday, January 11, she chaired a new political council. She thanked her very much “France team of mayors and elected officials” who has been running his campaign for four months. But paying homage effusively is never a good sign. Above all, she explained to them that she needed new blood.

The candidate therefore received about ten reinforcements. Including the former environmental minister Emmanuelle Cosse, the former deputy of Val-de-Marne Luc Carvounas, or members of the Socialist Party (PS) Rachid Temal, Patrick Mennucci, who was deputy director of the campaign of Ségolène Royal in 2007, Hélène Geoffroy and Philippe Doucet. These last four have the particularity of being declared opponents to Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS, absent from the meeting, who did not take it too well. The history of the campaign team either.

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