May 23, 2022

Angela Merkel calls for Armin Laschet to vote, so that the country “remains stable”

Two days before the legislative ballot which must designate his successor at the head of the country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday 24 September called on voters to vote for Armin Laschet, the conservative candidate for her party, the CDU, so that the ‘Germany ” stay fixed “.

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“The question of who governs Germany is not without importance”, she said during a meeting of her party in Munich, before Sunday’s elections, which promise a close duel between the Social Democratic favorite and his right-wing rival, Merkel thus warning against the scenario of a victory for the Social Democratic candidate, Olaf Scholz, at the head of the polls.

“Can you imagine a red-red-green government? “, she told the representatives of the CDU and the CSU, gathered in the largest city of Bavaria (south) for this last campaign meeting.

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“It’s not our policy”

Among the possible options for a future coalition, an alliance “Red-red-green” between the social democratic candidate of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, the radical left party Die Linke and the Greens is not excluded. This coalition is not, however, the most probable, because it comes up against many ideological differences between the three parties.

But the Conservatives, struggling in the polls, have turned this prospect into a red rag, which they are waving in order to remobilize their troops. The Chancellor notably criticized the tax increases planned by the Social Democratic candidate, saying she feared that they would scare German companies away to Austria or the Netherlands.

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“It’s not our policy”, she stressed, preferring a “Policy that allows businesses to stay with us and create jobs here, so that Germany can prosper”. The Chancellor also warned against “The elimination of the debt brake”, constitutional rule of budgetary rigor, and the risks of “European Debt Union”, which could result, according to her, a victory of the left.

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