May 22, 2022

an XXL cast inspired by Avengers and Netflix for the adaptation of the Nintendo video game

Nintendo took advantage of its Nintendo Direct to make many announcements and during this event, it was not only the presentation of games for the Switch. There was also talk of a big announcement made by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s dad. Indeed, an animated film Super Mario is in preparation by the Illumination studio in partnership with the Japanese firm. And we know who will play the famous plumber and the least we can say is that the cast is XXL!

Second adventure of the plumber in the cinema

If for now, the animated film Super Mario is officialized for a release in the United States at the end of the year 2022, on the other hand, we do not know when it will be released in our regions. However, the creator of the emblematic character of Nintendo wanted to present the cast of the film to us entrusted to the Hollywood studio Illumination Entertainment to which we owe the saga Despicable Me.

Thus, Miyamoto has unveiled a star cast for this new adventure of Mario in the cinema. We know that the star of the series The Lady’s Game on Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joy, will embody the Princess peach.

Jack Black will be Bowser.

Charlie Day will double Luigi.

We will also find Keegan-Michael Key who will lend his voice to Toad.

And Donkey Kong will also be in the game and will be doubled by Seth Rogen.

And what about the main character?

An MCU actor to play Mario

If since 1990 it is Charles Martinet who is the official voice of Mario, it is not he who will double the plumber but a Hollywood star well known by Marvel fans since it is about Chris Pratt who was chosen by the Kyoto firm.

Indeed, the actor who plays Star-Lord in the MCU will play Mario to the general surprise. For the character creator, Chris Pratt is “cool” and “very talented“and Shigeru Miyamoto promises us that”Mario will talk a lot in the film“.

So if it is the Guardians of the Galaxy star who will give Mario his voice, Charles Martinet will still be involved in the film and should make cameos.

Regarding the rest of the casting let us quote Fred Armisen on Cranky Kong.

Kevin Michael Richardson on Kamek.

And finally Sebastian Maniscalco on Spike.

A loyalty to the original universe?

This future animated film dedicated to Mario will be the mustached plumber’s second foray into the cinema. Everyone remembers the first live action adaptation, Super Mario Bros, released in 1993 and was a disaster both critically and at the box office.

It has also inherited the title of worst video game film of all time. This is the reason why Nintendo had no longer tried anything in the cinema with his character. The firm now seems ready to take up the challenge and with a project closely followed by the creator of Mario, we imagine that the film will be faithful to the spirit of the games.