January 18, 2022

An old promise emerges, Sergio Ramos already under pressure before the reunion

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Before the draw, the odds were that Real Madrid and PSG had a good chance of meeting again. It took two draws and an improbable UEFA bug to arrive at this outcome, to the chagrin of club merengue who inherited a big fish from hat 2 after having inherited from Benfica in the first draw.

Of course, this clash between PSG and Real Madrid is already filled with a very special history around the players in the match (Lionel Messi, Carlo Ancelotti, Kylian Mbappé or Keylor Navas …) but for a certain Sergio Ramos, it is is even more special, he who has been erected to the rank of legend of Real Madrid, after 16 years of triumphs and the captain’s armband around his arm.

Sergio Ramos didn’t want to face Real Madrid

Yesterday evening, the Spanish defender readily admitted that he would have “liked to face another team”, while ensuring his total professionalism in this clash. But the Spanish press did not take long to unearth another dossier. In 2019, during a press conference, Sergio Ramos spoke of his future with strong words. “I will never go to a team that could compete with Real Madrid”, snapped at the time Sergio Ramos. It only took two years for the Spaniard’s plans to shatter …

to summarize

Sergio Ramos, the PSG defender, is obviously primarily concerned by the draw that placed Real Madrid against Paris. Especially since in the past, the Spaniard has already announced his wish never to face the Merengue club.