January 26, 2022

already a scandal with the referees, the Merengue put a lot of pressure!

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In a few hours, Barça and Real Madrid will face each other in the semi-final of the Supercopa de Espana. A shock which obviously crystallizes the tensions between the two myths of Spanish football. And as always in these meetings, the question of arbitration will obviously be central. Munuera Montero has been appointed to lead the shock, and the subject of the referees is already causing a lot of controversy before the match.

Indeed, the program El Chiringuito unveiled last night a video published by the official channel of Real Madrid in recent hours, where the club merengue identifies all the errors of arbitration or misuse of the VAR of which it considers itself a victim. An initiative taken, a few hours from a Clasico, as a pressure stroke on the officials who will be on the lawn.

Only, the Spanish journalist Juanfe Sanz, on the set of the show, assured that the referees of the meeting would indeed have taken note of this video, but above all would have found the initiative shameful. Has the Merengue club already alienated the Clasico referees with this daring initiative?

to summarize

While the Clasico between Barça and Real Madrid has not yet taken place, the question of arbitration has already sparked controversy. In question, a video of the club merengue which was obviously not to the taste of the officials of the Supercup.