July 1, 2022

After the video of the pro-Zemmour, Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière file a complaint

POLICY – Two supporters of Éric Zemmour have posted videos on social networks, in which they train in shooting and in particular imagine targeting Emmanuel Macron and the elected officials of France Insoumise Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière.

The videos, revealed on Twitter by the Young Guard, an anti-fascist group, and by Mediapart, show a man wearing a “Ben voir” cap, a tic in the language of Eric Zemmour set up as a trademark by his fans, exercising with a sniper rifle. “Well let’s see friends, who are we going to bust? Of the young gaucho, of the young communist, of the young mental bougnoule ”, laughs the young man, before firing with a big caliber. Rifle in play, he then mimics surprise: “Ah, Emmanuel Macron!”, And fires a second shot.

In another video shot at the same location, another young man targets the ex-spokesperson for France Insoumise Raquel Garrido. Rifle in hand, he explains “training to hunt wild Garrido” before firing, then firing a second time, evoking her husband, the LFI deputy Alexis Corbière.

In the same sequence, the man openly imagines himself shooting “antifas and leftists”, as well as people of North African origin. “There are Algerian and Moroccan flags, I saw there, so we will hasten to shoot,” he says. According to the newspaper Release, who had access to his private Instagram account, until recently he introduced himself there as “military” and “Catholic”.

“Eric Zemmour put a target on my back”

According to a police source, “the Pharos platform, responsible for the fight against illegal content on the Internet, was seized after reports from Internet users”.

“Our lawyer Xavier Sauvignet of the Paris bar has already drafted and lodged a complaint for death threats and provocation to the commission of a crime”, indicated Raquel Garrido this Tuesday, December 21 during a press conference in Marseille, speaking in his name and for the elected representative of France Insoumise Alexis Corbière.

“Eric Zemmour put a target on my back,” she said, before adding: “Today, the entire online fascosphere is targeting us one after the other, with a clear risk of passing through to the act ”.

“At this moment, we do not know where the individual and his sidekick are located, we do not know if there are police services actively looking for them, we do not know if a prosecution somewhere has seized facts to pursue them ”, she added.

Also in Marseille, alongside Raquel Garrido, Alexis Corbière invited Éric Zemmour to “clearly condemn the video which threatens us with death and which threatens with death a whole series of people”, while estimating that a few months from the presidential election, “it must stop” and “the public authorities must send a clear signal”.

A lack of reaction to videos

This Tuesday, the parliamentary group LFI denounced in a press release the “threats (…) as unacceptable as they are odious” targeting Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière. Party deputies also said they were “appalled at the lack of response from the country’s political authorities to this hatred and violence.”

Supporters of Eric Zemmour had already caused controversy in November: some members of the extreme right-wing group the Gallicane Family had posted themselves on social networks shooting racist caricatures. According to the Streetpress news site, the same group also participated in pro-Zemmour poster-sticking operations.

The far-right YouTuber Papacito, who publicly supports Eric Zemmour’s candidacy for the presidential election, is also being investigated for having published in June a video simulating the execution of an LFI voter.

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