January 26, 2022

After Sassoli’s death, RN condemns “unacceptable” remarks by AfD MEP

POLICY – “On behalf of the French delegation of the Identity and Democracy Group, I strongly condemn the serious and unacceptable statements made by MEP Nicolaus Fest”. The RN disassociated itself on Wednesday January 12 from the remarks of an AfD MEP on the death of David Sassoli.

“These are statements that we condemn, they violate the principles and statutes of our group. This incident will be discussed at the next ID Group office ”, assures Jérôme Riviere, MEP of the National Rally and President of the French delegation of the Identity and Democracy Group.

Nicolaus Fest, German MEP, has indeed moved away from his party’s official statement on the death of the President of the European Parliament at the age of 65, in messages obtained by the ARD channel. According to the latter, the politician is delighted with colleagues that “this dirty pig is finally dead” and that he was an “anti-democrat, a shame for any parliamentary idea”.

No excuses

Fest tried to explain his words, without apologizing, in a Facebook post. Jörg Meuthen, head of the Alternative for Germany, quickly distanced himself and assured that “such remarks on the death of a colleague after a serious illness is disturbing, deeply repulsive and inexcusable”.

Italian Social Democrat David Sassoli died in Italy at the Aviano Oncology Reference Center, where he had been hospitalized since December 26. His hospitalization, “due to a serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system”, had been announced the day before, as was the cancellation of his official activities. Having suffered from leukemia in the past, this journalist converted to politics in the late 2000s had already been hospitalized this fall for pneumonia.

The flags were half-masted on Tuesday in front of the buildings of European institutions and a minute of silence was observed in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. A ceremony is scheduled for Monday in Strasbourg, where MEPs will meet in plenary session.

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