July 1, 2022

after Monaco, Pierre Ménès descends two Mastiffs

Zapping But! Football Club LOSC: the complete list of Mastiffs

As always, Pierre Ménès was not in the lace when delivering his conclusions on the umpteenth underperformance of LOSC last night in Monaco (2-2). While they were leading 2-0 after ten minutes of play, the Mastiffs were indeed raised by the players of the Principality, which more is reduced to ten to 12 minutes from the end. For the former Canal + journalist, it is because of two players: Ivo Grbic and Burak Yilmaz.

“When you try to analyze what has changed between the 2021 champion LOSC and this season’s LOSC, there is already the fact that it is no longer Maignan in goal, but an overall mediocre keeper. Not bad in the field. air but not gifted on his line and who does not have much juice. He is clearly responsible for the two Monegasque goals. Another major problem for the northerner side: Yilmaz. The Turkish striker only entered a few minutes to go, but he found a way to eat the leaf by shooting Nübel’s hands when he had two partners shifted to his right. These are details, but that explains the difference between a team that, l last year, won a lot of his matches by a goal difference and which, this year, leads regularly in the score but is systematically joined. “

Grbic and Yilmaz at the origin of the LOSC problems?

For Pierre Ménès, if Lille obtains much less positive results than last season, it is already because he no longer has a goalkeeper at the level of Mike Maignan. His replacement, Ivo Grbic, is barely passable. And there is also the fact that Burak Yilmaz is much less realistic.