January 25, 2022

Accused of rape on a minor, the ex-swimmer “recognizes the materiality of the facts”, according to the prosecutor

In troubled waters. The former French swimmer Yannick Agnel, prosecuted for rape on a minor, “recognizes the materiality of the facts”, said Monday the prosecutor of the Republic of Mulhouse, Edwige Roux-Morizot. New information in a procedure which accelerated from Thursday. Day when the former double Olympic champion, 29 years old, was arrested at his Parisian home and taken to Mulhouse. He was then placed in police custody for forty-eight hours, before being heard by an examining magistrate. Then left free in the evening, under judicial supervision.

“The examining magistrate had requested a detention. But the judge of freedoms and detention decidedly otherwise, ”said the prosecutor, refuting the idea of ​​a privilege granted to the star. “The personality of the respondent was not taken into consideration. The same decision would have been made for another person. In addition, its judicial control is strict. “

Yannick Agnel has “ban on coming into contact with the victim”

The one who was also twice world champion was thus “prohibited from leaving the inner suburbs of Paris, from coming to the Mulhouse region, from coming into contact with the victim and his entourage or his agent Sophie Kamoun. And his passport was taken away from him. “

The prosecutor of the Republic of Mulhouse, Edwige Roux-Morizot. – T. Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

Yannick Agnel would have been fairly cooperative since his arrest. “He did not stop speaking during his custody”, detailed Audrey Jeandel, head of the judicial police of Mulhouse. The swimmer “did not immediately recognize the facts but the elements in the file were important and led him to admit”, added Edwige Roux-Morizot.

These facts date back to 2016, when the two-time Olympic champion from London was training at the Mulhouse Olympic swimming (MON). He arrived there in 2014, after a failed experience in the United States, to be under the orders of Lionel Horter. It is with one of the coach’s daughters that the facts took place, “Naome Horter, who was then 13 years old and he was 24”, detailed the prosecutor, referring to repeated acts “in Mulhouse, in the region, abroad as in Thailand or Rio ”.

“Yannick Agnel did not have the feeling that there was a constraint”

Important detail and perhaps the future line of defense of the ex-swimmer converted into e-sport, “Yannick Agnel did not have the feeling that there was any constraint,” said the magistrate without evoking remorse at the accused. I didn’t have that feeling. I rather think he regrets not having thought enough at the time of the facts. Anyway, if the facts are true, it doesn’t change much to the case. On “minor of 15 years”, sexual assaults and rape, “fall under the blow of the law”, recalled the prosecutor. “The age difference (11 years in 2016) can be a constraint,” she added. Yannick Agnel remains for the moment presumed innocent

The investigations will now continue and Yannick Agnel should be heard again. For rape committed on a “minor of 15 years”, he risks up to twenty years of criminal imprisonment.