July 7, 2022

AAH 2022: amount, conditions, calculation

[ALLOCATION ADULTE HANDICAPE] The allowance for disabled adults (AAH) provides an income to people with a certain level of disability. From now on, its calculation includes an allowance on the resources of the spouse.

The allowance for disabled adults, also known by its acronym AAH, is a financial aid that ensures a minimum income for people with disabilities. To receive it, several criteria are taken into account: degree of incapacity, age, place of residence or even resources. The AAH can be combined with other aids. Note: from this month of January, the calculation of the allowance for beneficiaries in couples is changing. If the spouse’s income is taken into account, a fixed allowance of 5,000 euros is applied, plus 1,400 euros per child. This provision should allow an increase in the AAH of between 110 and 120 euros for 140,000 households, said the State Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities.

The maximum amount of the AAH is 903.60 euros. The amount of the allowance actually received varies with the resources of the beneficiary (see the calculation), the AAH then supplements the income to reach the maximum amount of the allowance.

The AAH is awarded to people with a permanent disability rate of 80% or more. People with a disability of 50% to 79% can benefit from it provided they have been recognized as having a substantial and lasting restriction of access to employment by the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of People with Disabilities (CDAPH ). In other words, the applicant encounters significant difficulties in accessing employment that cannot be compensated for in particular by measures to adapt the workstation, and these difficulties are expected to last at least one year from the date of the filing. demand. Only people living permanently in France or with a residence permit can apply for the AAH.

The applicant must be at least 20 years old, or at least 16 years old for a young person who is no longer considered dependent on his parents for the benefit of family benefits. If the applicant suffers from a disability ranging from 50% to 79%, he is entitled to the AAH until the legal retirement age.

The applicant for the AAH must also respect conditions of resources to benefit from it. Below, the annual income ceilings not to be exceeded depending on the family situation.

Ceiling of resources to benefit from the AAH
Number of dependent children within the meaning of family benefits You live alone You live in a couple
0 10 843,2 € 19 626,19 €
1 16 264,8 € 25 047,79 €
2 21 686,4 € 30 469,39 €
3 27 108 € 35 890,99 €
4 32 429,6 € 41 312,59 €

The resources taken into account for the calculation of the disabled adult allowance correspond to all the category net income for year N-2 (i.e. the year 2020 for applications made in 2022).

The AAH is paid taking into account the resources received by the applicant and his or her spouse, cohabiting partner or civil partnership retained for the establishment of income tax. If the applicant does not receive income from activity, the AAH supplements these resources to reach the maximum amount.

If the applicant receives an activity income, the amount of the AAH will be calculated according to a part of this income. In this case, the amount will be calculated according to the following formula: Monthly AAH = (resource ceiling . household resources)/12. However, when the applicant resumes a paid activity, during the first six months, the income will not be taken into account in the calculation.

The ceiling for receiving the AAH is currently set at 10,843.2 euros for a single person without dependents. This ceiling is increased by 5,421.6 euros per dependent child. If the applicant does not receive any income, he will receive the maximum amount of the AAH.

If you are a couple and wish to receive the AAH, your spouse’s income is taken into account. From January 2022, a fixed allowance of 5,000 euros is applied to the income of the spouse who does not benefit from the AAH, increased by 1,400 euros per child. A decree specifies the conditions for the entry into force of this measure. “The text specifies the terms of implementation of the flat-rate allowance applicable to the income of the spouse of the beneficiary of the AAH as a couple which are taken into account for the calculation of the allowance, can we read. “It fixes in particular the annual amount of this flat-rate allowance, which replaces the proportional allowance of 20% previously applicable, at 5,000 euros, increased by 1,400 euros per dependent child within the meaning of family benefits”.

“This measure leads 140,000 households to benefit from an average increase of 110 euros to 120 euros per month from January 2022 and without any action having to be taken with CAF”, argues the secretariat. of State in charge of people with disabilities in a press release. “From now on, all people in a couple and without activity and whose spouse earns the SMIC will receive the AAH at the full rate, i.e. 904 euros per month.

To benefit from this aid, you must first contact the departmental center for disabled people. Its role is to investigate the file and then send it to the CAF or the MSA (if the person concerned comes under the agricultural scheme). It is not the departmental house that takes care of paying the financial aid.

The activity bonus is a social aid that came into effect on January 1, 2016. It merges the basic RSA and the employment bonus. Beneficiaries of the AAH who carry out a professional activity can apply for the activity bonus from July 5, 2016. It is paid within 10 days with retroactive effect from January 1, 2017.

If the required conditions (which depend on your personal situation) are met, it is quite possible to combine AAH and RSA (but not the full two amounts). The amount of the RSA is deducted from that of the AAH. It’s up to you to do the simulation and opt for the most advantageous financial situation.

Since January 1, 2017, people benefiting from the AAH retiring can continue to receive this aid if their disability rate is at least 80%. This makes it possible to avoid a file transfer which can induce a financial loss for the beneficiary. A decree published in the Official Journal on February 1, 2017 confirms this decision.

The AAH can be accumulated for six months in the event of resumption of activity without the income interfering in the calculation. Then, these incomes are taken into account in the calculation of the allowance after an abatement of up to 80% for income from activities below 30% of the Smic, and 40% of the AAH for income above 30 % of minimum wage.

The increase for independent living can also be paid in addition to the AAH provided that the AAH is received at the full rate (or in addition to a retirement, a disability pension or an accident at work pension ,), to have a disability rate of at least 80%, to receive housing assistance for independent accommodation and not to receive income from own professional activity. The same conditions apply to the combination of the AAH and the additional resources, in cases where the disability results in a work capacity of less than 5%. However, the additional resources was abolished on December 1, 2019, but people who were already receiving it can continue to receive it for the next ten years provided they still meet the criteria.

If your disability rate is greater than 80% and your disability is not likely to change, the AAH is granted to you without time limit. If you have a disability rate between 50 and 79%, the AAH is paid to you for 1 or 2 years. This period can reach 5 years if your disability is not likely to change.