May 22, 2022

a video recorded inside the courtroom, the public prosecutor of Grenoble seized

The Advocate General pointed out that any filming or sound recording of the hearing is “a criminal offence” while a video taken in the room where the accused appears circulates on the networks. A preliminary investigation is opened.

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The public prosecutor of Grenoble was seized, franceinfo learned on Thursday February 3 from a judicial source, after a video was shot in the courtroom of the Grenoble courthouse where the Nordahl trial has been taking place since Monday. Lelandais, tried for the murder of Maëlys in 2017 and the sexual assault of two of his little cousins. “I have ordered an investigation”, announced to the press the prosecutor, Éric Vaillant.

>> At the Maëlys murder trial, the court is interested in the “new Nordahl Lelandais”, “not the one who committed the facts”

The video was shot earlier this week and posted on social media. In this video we can clearly distinguish Nordahl Lelandais, confirmed the prosecutor Eric Vaillant. A preliminary investigation has therefore been opened. While a gendarme was at the bar to testify, Nordahl Lelandais’s lawyer protested that “images of this audience are currently circulating on Facebook”, denouncing a “delusional runaway” around this trial.

When the fourth day of the trial resumed on Thursday, the police officers responsible for maintaining order in this room prohibited the public from using their telephones. Video or sound recordings are prohibited in a courtroom. Advocate General Jacques Dallest reminded the public and the media that any filming or sound recording of the hearing is “a criminal offence”.