May 13, 2022

A surgeon from the Pompidou hospital is selling an X-ray of a victim from November 13, 2015

Lhe director general of Paris hospitals (AP-HP) will seize the council of the order after the attempt to sell the radio of this survivor of November 13, who lost his companion during the attack at Bataclan.

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A ball of Kalashnikov tucked in a forearm. This is what you can see on the radio of a survivor of the Bataclan attack put up for sale by a Paris hospital surgeon (AP-HP) on an auction site.

“This act is unethical” and “challenges medical secrecy”, laments Martin Hirsch, le Director General of Paris Hospitals (AP-HP). He announces this Saturday, January 22, on Twitter, that he will seize the Council of the order and make a report to justice, after the revelations of Médiapart. It also counts “seize the ministers who have disciplinary power”.

“Such behavior is unworthy and offends our conception of public service, he wrote in an email addressed to members of the AP-HP, which he also published on social networks. It would be scandalous in all circumstances, and for any patient. It takes on an even more abject resonance in the context of the ongoing trial and what the victims of these attacks have endured.

The Pompidou hospital doctor who posted this announcement claims to have operated on five victims on the night of November 13, 2015, including this woman who lost her companion during the attack.

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