January 24, 2022

A nurse fired after reporting her boss’s fake health pass

COVID-19 – “I was fired for doing my job.” This is what said, bitterly, the coordinating nurse of the Saint-Joseph nursing home in La Chapelle-la-Reine, in Seine-et-Marne, at Parisian Friday 24 December. Because after reporting that the director of her establishment had a false health pass, she was fired.

Return on the course of the facts. The nurse, Mathilde (the first name has been changed), is responsible for checking the health passes of caregivers, for whom vaccination has been compulsory since mid-September. “Everyone showed me their proof, I was missing theirs,” she says. At the end of September, still without news from her boss, the nurse checks directly with the vaccination site since she has a professional card. He indicates that the director would be well vaccinated.

But “all the elements were inconsistent, the locations, the lot numbers,” she recalls. It was then that she decided to warn the Regional Health Agency of a fraud in the nursing home, without specifying the name of her head. She refuses to report her to Social Security, preferring a dialogue with her superior. “I was laid off on October 7th. In the office, there was the director and the chairman of the board, who told me that I could not be trusted. I just had time to grab my purse and go, ”she concludes. Twelve days later, she is fired.

The director and her companion soon in court

Asked by The Parisian, the president of the board of directors of the association managing the nursing home Pierre Bacqué (ex-mayor of the commune of Vaudoué and ex-departmental adviser RN) justified his decision: “I dismissed the nurse because she had printed and disclosed a confidential document. If she had found something weird, she should have come see me right away. I got the ARS online, she didn’t call it. She fixes the truth about the timing. ”

Finally, the director of the nursing home was also dismissed, placed in police custody, then under judicial supervision. It is subject “to a ban on exercising a medical or similar profession or any other profession in connection with a vaccination obligation and to appear in the nursing home”, detailed a source of the AFP à the police station.

The director will be summoned with her companion before the court in Fontainebleau on May 23, 2022. According to their statements, the fake health passes were purchased through an acquaintance.

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