January 23, 2022

a match soon in the clear? The big idea of ​​some policies

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What if viewers soon had the right to a free-to-air Ligue 1 match? The idea could well end up materializing, as L’Equipe explains, since parliamentarians would like the creation of a lot including a Ligue 1 match in clear during the next call for tenders of the LFP for TV rights. of the French first division championship. In a report devoted to TV rights, parliamentarians share this great idea, which they had in order to promote and support the exposure of French football. Parliamentarians would also like the marketing period to be increased, from 4 to 5 years at the level of contracts.

A match soon in the clear?

This Ligue 1 match in clear could therefore be an idea soon to be implemented, while this report, presented tomorrow, also warns the LFP about the importance of the autonomous guarantee, following the Mediapro fiasco. An independent guarantee that would come from a banking establishment. “The default of Mediapro and the financial consequences of its termination of the contract oblige the LFP to pay more attention and demand as to the level of the guarantee and its assessment”, we can read in this report, with the fact that the report recommends the payment of a deposit of 10% at the conclusion of the call for tenders, the subscription of an insurance to cover a possible default of payment, and proposes that the League can oppose, if it wishes it , to possible “sub-license” agreements between broadcasters, which present a “speculative risk.” But now, we are waiting to see if the idea of ​​a clear match will soon be implemented.

A match soon in the clear in Ligue 1?

Some parliamentarians would push to have a Ligue 1 match soon in the clear. A report on TV rights explains that parliamentarians would like better exposure of French football with the help of a clear match.