January 26, 2022

a man indicted for “intentional homicide”, twenty-seven years after the murder of a 17-year-old high school student

Found after the integration of his DNA in the national automated DNA file, the suspect admitted in custody to be the author of the murder.

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The Nadège Desnoix affair is experiencing an unexpected twist, twenty-seven years after the events. A man, suspected of the murder of this 17-year-old high school student in 1994 in Château-Thierry (Aisne), was indicted Thursday, December 2 after admitting to being the author of the facts during his custody, indicates the prosecution of Soissons. He was remanded in custody.

The probable outcome of this affair was made possible by genetics. The DNA of this man, recently implicated in domestic violence, has in fact been added to the National Automated DNA File (Fnaeg) and a correspondence has been established with the unknown DNA found at the crime scene. according to the source close to the investigation.

The body of Nadège Desnoix, 17, had been discovered on the side of a path near the Jules Verne technical high school where she was a student in the first class. The victim, who showed signs of strangulation, had received several stab wounds, especially in the region of the heart, but had not suffered sexual violence, according to the autopsy carried out after the fact. Living about fifteen kilometers from the school, she had taken a bus very early in the morning to attend classes which started at noon.

The man incarcerated Thursday, 54 years old, has already been sentenced for acts of sexual assault on a minor in 1997 and for rape in 2000, indicates the prosecution.