July 7, 2022

A fire in a metal factory causes a huge plume of smoke above Brive (Corrèze)

A fire has been in progress in Brive, in the company CFM Industrie, since the middle of the afternoon. A huge plume of smoke, visible from everywhere in Brive, emanates from this company specializing in the collection and treatment of metals, located at Impasse de la Serbe.

According to the first elements provided to The mountain by the police, it is a metal fire. An employee of the company indicates that the fire would have started from the “press-shear”, an 80-ton machine used to compact and cut metal.

So far, no injuries have been reported among the twenty-two employees working on the site.

The fire could continue to self-feed for several days, photo stephanie para.

The firefighters mobilized two nozzles to try to extinguish the disaster. For the moment, no evacuation has taken place in the immediate surroundings of the plant. No notion of the dangerousness of the fumes was given by the emergency services.

The fire could last for several days

According to an employee, no toxic fluid or fuel is present on the site.

The immediate perimeter, starting with the deadlock of the Serbian, was sealed off for the duration of the operation which should last a long time, said firefighters. Burning materials – metals and plastic – could burn for several days.

The smoke-black plume is visible from the other end of Brive, photo stephanie para.

To determine the best strategy to adopt, firefighters use a drone that allows them to fly over the disaster area.

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Pierre Vignaud and Stéphanie Para