May 23, 2022

a 70-year-old market gardener shot dead for 700 euros

It is around 7 a.m. this Friday morning, when the forensic pathologist from the Lille forensic institute (IML) parks in front of a small house located along the Hameau des Bois (along the RD 91), in the commune of Bousbecque. A security perimeter guarded by police officers from Tourcoing was set up to evict the curious and freeze the scene. Lille judicial police investigators, seized by the prosecution, have also carried out a vast neighborhood investigation to find any witnesses, in a fairly quiet suburban area, classified ” vigilant neighbors ».


It is at this place, at 31 of this street, that a drama visibly played out during the night from Thursday to Friday. According to a source close to the investigation, the Lys Valley firefighters were dispatched to the scene around 3 a.m. to take care of a person injured by gunshot wounds.

Despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services and the Tourcoing SMUR, a 70 year old man has sadly passed away. The victim is a market gardener extremely well known in the town and on the markets of the Lille metropolitan area.. His 68-year-old wife is physically unharmed but in shock.

700 euros in a wallet

An investigation was opened to try to understand exactly what could have happened. It is the criminal brigade of the judicial police of Lille which is therefore in charge of the investigations. The preferred hypothesis is that of a burglary or a home-jacking that would have gone wrong even if no other lead is evaded.. According to the Lille prosecutor’s office, “ the victim allegedly surprised several individuals who had entered his house from the basement during his sleep. The criminals fled with a wallet containing 700 euros “. A source close to the investigation mentions the presence of three criminals, one of whom is armed. According to the first elements gathered at the scene, the burglars, surprised by the owners, opened fire before fleeing.

Forensic, scientific and technical investigations were carried out. An autopsy is scheduled soon to determine the exact causes of death. For now, investigators have very little identifying information.

The mayor, Joseph Lefebvre, went there during the night to be with the family and the wife of the victim. The first magistrate, very moved, evokes a ” human catastrophe
». « Our priority today is to be alongside the relatives of the victim and to try to comfort them
He said. This Friday morning, it is a whole district, even a whole city, which discovers this drama with amazement.

Le Hameau des Bois is a rather peaceful area surrounded by fields.

President of the Association for the defense of the living environment of residents of the Hameau des Bois, Benoît Vouters testifies to the emotion that gripped the neighborhood this Friday morning, upon waking up, when Ghislain Nollet was shot dead. ” He was our market gardener. We saw him at least once, two or three times a day in his fields or on his tractor. He was always on the ground working the land, despite his age. He will be missed! People call me to talk about it, they are in shock. We are all shocked!

“People call me to talk about it, they are in shock. We are all shocked! “

Le Hameau des Bois is a district away from Bousbecque, usually rather peaceful, placed in the middle of the fields and crossed by a secondary road. ” There must have been two or three burglaries in 2020, more on isolated houses, but no more than elsewhere in fact », Recalls Benoît Vouters. This time, the burglary turned into a tragedy …

“Sad, so sad”

The hamlet also adheres to the Voisins vigilants system. Corn, ” around me, nobody saw anything », Reports Benoît Vouters, while this Friday morning, the police carried out their investigation of neighborhood. The Hameau des Bois occupies a quarter of the surface of Bousbecque: a little less than 500 people live there (182 households). On Facebook, after hearing the news, a local resident paid tribute to the market gardener. ” Ghislain was such a brave man and always in a good mood. I’m sad, so sad, I’m upset and very angry. »