January 26, 2022

4 free goalkeepers to recruit to replace Green

December 14, 2021 at 6:50 PM by Thomas

Injured, Etienne Green will miss several weeks and his club will have to seek to replace him.

L’ASSE is playing decidedly bad luck. In addition to the difficulties already experienced in several areas, there are the ugly twists of fate. The last strikes goalkeeper Etienne Green, one of the most important elements in the Greens collective. Hit in the left elbow, according to The team, he will miss five weeks and his club will therefore seek to replace him. By whom, because with what means? And what profile, knowing that the incumbent at the post will get it back on his return?

Hard blow for ASSE who loses Etienne Green

Perhaps more than ever here, to turn to a player who currently does not have a professional contract. There are some and players already broken in the French championship and its Ligue 1 games. So yes, most of them have careers that are coming to an end. Mon, Ali Ahmad, was even often laughed at, but he recovered his health elsewhere. He is one of the possibly suitable goalkeepers, due to his situation as an unemployed footballer, his possible salary claims, and the experience he has in French football.

Three former TFC guards are free in this market

If not him, Yohann Pelé also, has the consistent CV on the past in Ligue 1. The ex-understudy of Mandanda at OM, no longer has a club since the resumption and he has not officially announced his retirement. Like Ali Ahamada, Pelé kept the Toulouse Football Club cages. The third free keeper to follow for AS Saint-Etienne, Zacharie Boucher, Also. He comes out of the last two seasons with limited playing time, first in Angers, then in Greece, in Salonika, until last June.

Yoan Cardinale, from holder of OGC Nice to unemployed football

Finally the last, Yoan Cardinal, perhaps the most suitable, because he is in the prime of his life, at 27 and because, according to the latest news, he is keeping in good shape, with the club Villefranche Saint-Jean Beaulieu FC, in Nationale 3. Launched pro by OGC Nice, he made a success of his debut in Ligue 1, but he gradually lost his place, with the changes of coaches. Unless otherwise, as some think, to remind Stéphane Ruffier. But he has definitely put away the crampons, almost exactly a year ago.