May 23, 2022

3 quotes to remember from the final debate between Sandrine Rousseau and Yannick Jadot on BFMTV / RMC

On the set of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the two candidates for the ecological nomination debated on nuclear power, the establishment of a form of universal income or on the issue of transport.

The two candidates for the ecological primary Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau debated this Friday on BFMTV / RMC for the last time before the second round of voting, which will be held from Friday to Sunday. During this exchange, most of the economic subjects were discussed: the price of gasoline, the increase in taxes for the highest salaries, basic income or even industrialization.

The MEP and the economist have been proposing, since the start of the campaign, two different visions of ecology for France. Sandrine Rousseau presents an ecological program characterized as “radical” while Yannick Jadot qualifies this radicalism as “divisive” and calls for people to come together.

Faced with the increase in the price of gasoline, “craftsmen, don’t stress”

One of the themes that particularly animated the debate this Friday is that of transport. From the start, Sandrine Rousseau declared that if she became President of the Republic, she would increase the price of a liter of fuel from “6 to 10 cents over a year”, “during the five years of the mandate”.

While she subsequently evokes the situation of the craftsmen, the presenter Jean-Jacques Bourdin takes it up again: “The craftsman drives his diesel van, if you increase his fuel by 10 cents per liter he will not be very happy. “. “This is why we will accompany him, that I propose to change his van, and that I ensure that at the end of my mandate, he pays less in gasoline for this craftsman”, answers Sandrine Rousseau.

“Dear craftsmen, you will still have your van, don’t stress“she says.

“I know it’s not easy to hear,” said the candidate, “but yes it is necessary that the gasoline increases, because it is what pollutes, what puts us in danger, and what does not. is not a small danger, it is a danger for humanity, “she emphasizes. To compensate for this increase, she cites the establishment of a basic income, but also a policy of “demobility, change of car, and for all this, I am committed to supporting you”.

On the question of gasoline, Yannick Jadot says he is in favor of “modulating taxes according to the price of fuel on the markets”. He underlines that there is “in any case an evolution which will lead to an increase in the price of fuels simply because of the market, of the cost of fetching oil”. But for him, this increase should not be done for the consumer “in a violent way because it has a very heavy impact on purchasing power”. In this sense, it is “not in favor of, as soon as we come to power, increasing the price of fuel”.

The MEP evokes some of his proposals on this subject, such as “the compulsory sustainable mobility package, that is to say that companies, up to 800 euros per year, finance the fact that people go to work with ‘other means than their private car such as carpooling and public transport “. He also speaks of “the reopening of small stations” or the change from diesel engines to electric motors.

“Why shouldn’t we have the right to have non-working time in our life?”

Sandrine Rousseau also returned during the debate on her proposal for “living income”, a benefit of 850 euros per month for all French people from their 18 years, according to their salary. Thanks to this income, she hopes to “revalue non-working time”.

“Today, we have developed degraded employment policies to force people to leave their homes, we have developed low-quality jobs, which have split schedules, which are difficult, which break bodies by saying ‘ it is not fair that you stay at home, ”she explained.

In this situation, “why should we not have the right to have non-working time in our life? The right to have breaks in our professional career?”.

Yannick Jadot’s program includes a similar measure, called “citizen income” and intended for “people in precariousness with support towards integration, commitment, training, employment”, from 18 years, explains his program. “Me what I propose is that upon our arrival, the RSA be increased by 100 euros”, and that then “in the five-year term, we are at the level of the poverty line, at 880/890 euros” with this income , did he declare.

“Ecology is not taking a cold shower, in the dark, once a week”

“Today the priority, it is on energy efficiency and energy sobriety”, explained Sandrine Rousseau on the set of BFMTV / RMC, calling for the end of nuclear energy. In its program, it is therefore expected that France will produce “100% renewable energy by 2050”.

Asked about the implementation of “intermittent energy” with its program – that is, electricity for example, is not always available – she underlines that today “all renewable energies are not intermittent, there is biomass, geothermal energy which is not at all intermittent “. But “indeed, we cannot stop nuclear power by not looking at the energy consumption that we have and by not changing our energy consumption”.

“Ecology is not taking a cold shower in the dark once a week”, however specifies Yannick Jadot. “Ecology means being responsible, choosing what makes us feel good, or fighting against global warming and fuel poverty”.

Yannick Jadot also stresses the need to get out of nuclear power, like his opponent, because “waste, after 50 years of nuclear power, we still do not know what to do with it”. He also underlines the risk of a nuclear power plant, recalling the Fukushima disaster in Japan, “but especially today, you have renewable energies, which are half the cost of nuclear power and which create three times more jobs. “.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV reporter