October 16, 2021

EXCLUDED BV: Pierre Sautarel: “We have not included any secret, intimate information … It is the equivalent of Wikipedia”

The site Fdesouche is accused by the journalist Taha Bouhafs of having carried out an illegal political file and of having published it (“An ethnic and political list of what the far right considers to be the ‘Islamo-leftists'”, according to his comments on Twitter). Fdesouche is now threatened with a complaint and the media, in particular BFM TV, as well as politicians like the rebellious Éric Coquerel, seized the affair. Pierre Sautarel, host and co-founder of the site, amazed at the scale of the affair, explains himself exclusively at the microphone of Boulevard Voltaire.

Fdesouche of which you are the co-founder and the main animator would have drawn up a list of Islamogauchists and a list of associations whose object would be to help migrants in particular. Are you the author of these two lists? Why did you do them?

I am not the author of any of the lists. From last night Taha Bouhafs, a well-known far-left activist close to the movement of political Islam, boasted of having unearthed on Fdesouche a listing indicating that we would file the far left activists to intimidate them, and pro migrant associations. During the day, it appeared that the pseudo-listing of migrants’ associations is in fact produced by migrant associations to precisely publicize their operations, we have nothing to do with it at all.

The second listing is the list of the signatories of the call for the demonstration against Islamophobia of November 10, 2019. This list has been used as journalists would do for the sake of information, adding fully legal and public details. We did information work.

Some names on this Excel file do not appear in the list of signatories, such as journalist Aïda Alami.

The interest of this list proves that it was there. When she then saw that this demo story was creating a bad buzz, she withdrew, but she was in it, it is a militant act to sign such a petition.

We have only taken information, there is nothing scandalous.

The co-signers were outraged and protested vigorously. According to the far left, you make lists of political opponents.

Already before the holidays, with the Papacito affair, they claimed to be targeted. From information, they exploit the trick etc.

Is it politically smart? We are in the midst of the trials of the attacks of November 13, 2015, and putting this Islamo-leftist demonstration which had shocked the extreme majority of French people back to the heart of the news, is that really clever?

I don’t understand their long-term calculation, but I understand the manipulation very well: from one of a trivial element, they make a whole film of it, cry out loud and claim to be victims.

This news opened the newspaper of BFMTV even before the opening of the Paris attacks.

It’s surreal, I have the impression that we don’t live in the same world as these people.

These people wanted to file a complaint against the site Fdesouche. Are you worried about something?

They say that they have lodged a complaint, the CNIL has taken the case on its own, we will see. I am confident because we are in a logic of information. If we ban this work, we ban journalism outright! It’s funny to see Edwy Plenel criticize us for this when the list comes from their site. I would like to point out that we have not taken back any secret or intimate information. This is only public information, it is the equivalent of Wikipedia. In this case, Wikipedia does the filing as well.

Are you surprised at the scale of events?

I’m surprised and look at this a bit hallucinatory, but it won’t shut us up. We will continue our work. It’s surreal to see this controversy start from nothing. If we take a step back, it’s grotesque. It’s amazing to see the sounding board that these people benefit from. All day long I was contacted by journalists, the opening of BFM, the CNIL which automatically seizes: I find that lunar!

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