October 16, 2021

Hwang pushes the Greens – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (ASSE 1-2 FCGB) – Football

In the match of fear of the 6th day of Ligue 1, Bordeaux won on the lawn of Saint-tienne (1-2), this Saturday. More realistic, the Girondins were able to count on a Hwang Ui-jo of the great evenings to leave the red zone.

Hwang scored twice against the Greens.

A warm atmosphere in the Chaudron, intense rains, suspense, tension, but ultimately a winner named Bordeaux. Red lantern before the meeting, the Girondins hung their first success of the season on the lawn of Saint-tienne (1-2), this Saturday, during the 6th day of Ligue 1.

A double from Hwang Ui-jo, surgical in front of the goal, allowed the club with the scapular to give itself a good breath of fresh air to leave the red zone and leave the Greens there, who however did not deserve.

Hwang lights the wick

In the pouring rain, the Girondins quickly took the lead. Following a bright opening from Onana, Adli kept a cool head to serve Hwang ideally, without mercy facing the empty goal (0-1, 7th). Paradoxically, this goal gave confidence to the Greens, who outrageously dominated the game from then on. While Bouanga was close to equalizing, the Stphanois attackers put enormous pressure on Gregersen, on the verge of rupturing all the opposing offensives.

After a quarter of an hour of suffering, the Bordelais came out of the water. Even if they could not put their foot on the ball, they more easily repelled the Forzian assaults, which were less regular. The Cauldron might even have gone off permanently if Hwang had framed his head on a peembl cross. A hot alert for ASSE, who had more and more difficulty to get closer to the goal guarded by Costil, decisive on a strike from Khazri shortly before the break.

Khazri tears off, Hwang dyes the Cauldron

As soon as we got back from the locker room, the match was seriously damaged due to torrential rains which fell in the Forez. On an almost impassable waterlogged ground, Bordeaux fared much better and put a lot of pressure on the Greens enormously bothered by the dire climatic conditions. Puddled standards, a ball that slowed down after a few meters, the players in the match had to adapt to this uncomfortable situation.

The downpour passed, the ASSE resumed its forward march. After losing a first duel with Costil, Khazri ended up equalizing with a shot from a tight angle (1-1, 73 ‘). A blow for the Navy and White, who could however count on Hwang. Perfectly launched by Oudin, the South Korean striker definitively froze the Cauldron on a surgical cross strike (1-2, 80th). An achievement that allowed Bordeaux, saved in extremis by Pembl at the end of the match, to ensure his first success with Vladimir Petkovic.

The score of the match: 6/10

An interesting match between two very poor teams. The opening of the Bordeaux score allowed the Greens to let go and offer an interesting copy until they snatch the equalizer after a downpour that almost ruined everything. But it is Bordeaux, thanks to a good Hwang, who finally managed to dye the Cauldron. A meeting of good quality.

The goals :

– Following a high recovery, Onana sends a light pass to the left in depth for Adli. The midfielder trained at PSG is progressing, waiting for Green’s exit to offer a Hwang caviar on his left. Faced with the empty goal, the South Korean striker does not tremble to score in the empty goal (0-1, 7th).

– In the box, on the right side of the defense, Mexer stupidly loses a ball in front of Khazri. The Tunisian striker gets into a striking position and finds the opposing small net in a tight angle (1-1, 73 ‘).

– On a long release from Costil, Moukoudi completely misses his head. On the lookout, Oudin made his class speak by distilling a perfect deep pass in Hwang’s race. Despite a very tight angle, the Sud-Coren does not tremble and deceives Green with a left foot strike into the small net opposite using the post (1-2, 80 ‘).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Hwang Ui-jo (7.5 / 10)

The South Korean striker was lethal. Double scorer, first on a strike against the empty goal and then on a shot from a tight angle, the Bordeaux center forward, despite some poorly negotiated cons, responded today tonight. A surgical precision in the last gesture which does a lot of good to his team. Replace the 88th minute with Mara Rescue (not noted).


Etienne Green (4): the Stphanois goalkeeper was not very inspired this evening. Guilty of a bad exit on the first goal of Hwang, he could not make up for it since the Bordelais did not have a lot of clear chances afterwards. He was rather faulty in his kicking game.

Saidou Sow (6): rather solid in the duels, the Stphanois central defender gave up his place before the break after a big shock with Gregersen. Replace the 45th + 2 minute with Mahdi Camara (5), who was not helped by the harsh weather conditions after the break.

Harold Moukoudi (4): disappointing. The central defender passed through Le Havre has too often been fooled by Hwang, who has caused him big problems in his pivotal game. He had difficulty reading the Bordeaux game and completely missed his head clearance on the second goal.

Mickal Nade (6): the young central defender was rather interesting. He showed authority in the duels by going to seek his opponents sometimes very high. He did not blush from his performance.

Timothe Kolodziejczak (3): the weeks go by and the left lateral is still just as average. Guilty of numerous technical errors, he was totally absent on the action of Hwang’s first goal. One difficult evening, one more. Replace the 67th minute with Miguel Trauco (not not).

Lucas Gourna-Douath (6): an interesting copy made by the green environment. His pressing was quite interesting during the big Stphanois domination. Its repositioning in central defense was most interesting with an ease to impose itself in duels.

Yvan Neyou Noupa (6): the Cameroonian midfielder responded now. Close to scoring on a big steal in the first half, he was tenacious in the duels to hurt Otavio.

Romain Hamouma (4): many races and availability for the Stphanois vtran, but also and above all a lot of imprecision in the last gesture. He just missed everything in the opponent’s area. Replace the 67th minute with Arnaud Nordin (not rated).

Wahbi Khazri (7): the Tunisian made a very consistent copy. Always well placed, he weighed a lot in the game, bringing fluidity in the green offensives. Close to equalizing before the break, he offered several good Hamouma balls before finding the flaw with a strike from a tight angle. A real good match for him.

Denis Bouanga (6): the Gabonese winger has been in full view this evening. He saved his team from 0-2 on an intervention in front of Mangas and was not far from equalizing with a cross strike. He has given a lot in his hallway and comes out frustrated by this turn of events. Replace the 83rd minute with Adil Aouchiche (non not).

I. Ramrez (3): a real deadweight in attack. While his partners have swapped a lot, the Uruguayan striker has contributed too little. Too little in sight to contribute anything. Replace the 67th minute with Jean-Philippe Krasso (non not).


Benot Costil (7): little contribution in the first period away from two strikes from Neyou and Khazri, the Bordeaux goalkeeper released a third stop in front of the Tunisian after the break. But he ended up losing to him after a real loss of ball from Mexer. Note that it is all the same the origin of the goal score with a release which put Moukoudi in difficulty.

S. Gregersen (5.5): the Norwegian central defender had a very difficult start to the match during which he was close to conceding a penalty on Hamouma. However, he hung on, sometimes defending on the wire. Courageous, failing to be reassuring. Replace the 72nd minute with Mehdi Zerkane (non not).

Enock Kwateng (5.5): interesting in the first period with several duels won, he was a little more difficult in the second period. He struggled to align with Gregersen.

Mexer (5): a rather solid first hour for the former Rennais, intervened many times to repel the danger. However, he spoiled his performance with a largely avoidable loss of ball in his area which led to Khazri’s goal.

Timothee Pembele (7): little endangered, he almost committed the irreparable on a loss of ball in front of Hamouma. The PSG-trained player nevertheless contributed a lot offensively with two good passes for Hwang, who failed to adjust Green on these opportunities. He finally saves his team in added time by repelling Moukoudi’s point blank shot. A salutary intervention.

Ricardo Mangas (5): offensive, maybe a little too much. If he tried to bring danger in front, the left lateral has often forgotten Bouanga in his back. He will have to be more serious tactically.

J. Onana (6.5): the player recruited Lille got off to a perfect start with a bright opening for Adli on the opening goal. He was subsequently in much more technical difficulty and made serious mistakes. His power in the duels, however, was important to maintain constant pressure on the Greens.

Otavio (5): the Brazilian midfielder has suffered a lot but tried to hold on. Overall, he was too neutral to weigh on this part. Replace the 72nd minute with Fransergio (not not).

Yacine Adli (7): a good match for the former Parisian. Very technically correct, the future AC Milan player delivered a decisive pass full of lucidity for Hwang’s opener. In the difficult period with the rain in the second period, its conservation of the balloon has done a lot of good. Replace the 88th minute with Abdel Jalil Medioub (non not).

Eui-Jo Hwang (7.5): read comment above.

Javairo Dilrosun (4): a rather poor performance for the Dutch winger. Positioned too low on the ground, it was not very available and therefore little found by its partners. Apart from a breakthrough at the start of the second period, it did not add anything concrete. Replace the 65th minute with Rmi Oudin (non not), close to scoring on a mid-height strike then decisive passer for Hwang at the end of the game.

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ST ETIENNE 1-2 BORDEAUX (mi-tps: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 6th day
Stadium: Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint Etienne – Referee: Antony Gautier, France

Buts : W. Khazri (73rd) for ST ETIENNE – Hwang Ui-jo (7th) Hwang Ui-jo (80th) for BORDEAUX
Warnings : R. Hamouma (17th), for ST ETIENNE – J. Onana (32nd), Ricardo Mangas (56e), J. Dilrosun (64e), B. Costil (74e), for BORDEAUX

ST ETIENNE : E. GreenS. Sow (M. Camara, 45+2e), H. Moukoudi, M. NadeD. Bouanga (A. Aouchiche, 83e), T. Kolodziejczak (J. Krasso, 67th)L. Gourna-Douath, Y. Neyou NoupaR. Hamouma (A. Nordin, 67th), W. KhazriI. Ramrez (M. Trauco, 67e)

BORDEAUX : B. CostilE. Kwateng, To mix, S. Gregersen (M. Zerkane, 72nd)T. Pembele, Ricardo Mangas placeholder imageJ. Onana, Otavio (Fransrgio, 73e), Y. Adli (S. Mara, 89e)Hwang Ui-jo (A. Medioub, 89e), J. Dilrosun (R. Oudin, 65e)

Doubles for Hwang in the Cauldron (7th, 80th)

A water polo match

Khazri and Onana were decisive

Hwang was greeted by his supporters