October 16, 2021

The crossed destinies of Simone Inzaghi and Carlo Ancelotti / C1 / Gr. D / Inter-Real Madrid / SOFOOT.com

Simone Inzaghi and Carlo Ancelotti face off this Wednesday at the San Siro, during this long-awaited Inter-Real. Since 1999, their road has crossed many times on the lawns of Serie A, and in the summer of 2021, Inzaghi became coach of Inter, while the leaders nerazzurri had set their sights on Ancelotti. In addition, if Carlo has never coached Simone, he was on the other hand the favorite coach of his brother, Pippo.

The chances of fate. 1is June 2021, Real Madrid announce the return to their bench of Carlo Ancelotti. On June 3, it’s Inter’s turn to unveil their new coach, in the person of Simone Inzaghi. Two days later, the behind the scenes of these transactions are revealed by the Italian press. Following the surprise departure of Antonio Conte, the leaders of Inter rushed on … Carlo Ancelotti. The former Milan coach was the number 1 target, contacts had even been made, but Florentino Pérez was quicker, and convinced Don Carlo to return to Madrid. Taken aback, the Inter staff fell back on Simone Inzaghi, who jumped at the opportunity, after having publicly announced the day before that he would extend to Lazio. Chance of the draw, chance of the calendar: Inter d’Inzaghi and Real Madrid Ancelotti meet again this Wednesday evening, for their entry into the running in the Champions League.

First meeting in Piacenza

The chase-cross between the two men obviously does not stop at this light summer market imbroglio. First of all, they were both born in Emilia-Romagna. Ancelotti comes from Reggiolo, 40 miles east of Parma, while Simone Inzaghi was born in Piacenza, 60 kilometers west. Ancelotti never coached Simone, but they crossed paths more than once on Serie A turf. The first time was on February 14, 1999, Valentine’s Day. Carlo Ancelotti had just been appointed coach of Juventus, following the dismissal of Marcello Lippi. His first game on the Turin bench is a trip to Piacenza, whose star striker is Simone Inzaghi. Juve coldly prevailed 2-0. But Inzaghino will take revenge next season, and with manner.
Transferred to Lazio in the summer of 1999 to replace Christian Vieri, who left for Inter, Inzaghi became the offensive terminal of a team where ball handlers rush (Veron, Mancini, Nedvěd, Simeone, Stanković …) . The 1is April 2000, it is with a titular Inzaghi that Lazio wins 1-0 on the lawn of Juve, in a decisive match for the attribution of the Scudetto. A few weeks later, the Romans indeed won the title on the last day, at the end of a crazy afternoon marked by the Perugia flood, and the images of a soaked Carlo Ancelotti, looking completely haggard. And while Inzaghi celebrates the first (and so far only) Scudetto of his career, Ancelotti resigns from his post.

“I was lucky to be able to follow my brother’s training with Ancelotti. It’s always a pleasure to chat with him. ” Simone Inzaghi

My brother, this darling

Became coach of Milan in November 2001, Ancelotti will have under his orders another Inzaghi, the big brother, Filippo. Who will become his favorite, in addition to being the formidable scorer that we know. Between the two men, the relationship was fusional. “Pippo was a huge striker, simply the best I have coached in my career in the penalty area, he assured during the show Tiki-Taka, in 2016. Outside the box it might have been the worst, but inside the box it was definitely the best. ” And the love was mutual. “I have had excellent coaches in my career, but my favorite is Carlo Ancelotti” said SuperPippo in an interview with The team.

Inevitably, this mutual affection faded over little brother Simone. Becoming Lazio’s coach in 2016, he was able to draw inspiration from Ancelotti’s methods … thanks to Pippo, as he confided at the previous Inter-Real press conference. “Ancelotti? I admired him a lot, he’s one of the best coaches in history. I was lucky to be able to follow my brother’s training with him. It’s always a pleasure to chat with him. ”

“Simone Inzaghi and Ancelotti know how to recognize the best abilities of each player. Look what Simone did at Lazio with Luis Alberto and Milinković-Savić, the team improved because he managed to get the best out of these two players. ” Billy Costacurta

From there to find similarities between the two? According to Billy Costacurta, 663 matches in all competitions with Milan, including 148 under Ancelotti, the only similarity between Simone Inzaghi and Carlo Ancelotti is that they “Know how to recognize the best abilities of each player. Look what Simone did at Lazio with Luis Alberto and Milinković-Savić, the team improved because he managed to get the best out of these two players. I compare him to Carlo Ancelotti who also has this ability, in addition to many others, to detect this type of situation. ” Since Simone Inzaghi swapped the jersey and shorts for the coach’s suit, the two men’s paths only crossed during the 2018-2019 season, when Ancelotti was coaching Napoli. The first leg and the second leg ended with the same score: 2-1 in favor of Ancelotti’s men. It’s up to Inzaghi Jr to reverse the trend this Wednesday evening in San Siro. This stadium in which Carlo Ancelotti always returns in slippers.

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