September 25, 2021

The controversy swells following the exclusion of a 7-year-old schoolboy, escorted by the police because his mother did not pay for the canteen

The controversy continues to swell following the exclusion of a child, deprived of a canteen and escorted home by the police.

Reminder of the facts: last September 9, this schoolboy, educated in the town of Saint-Médard-de-Guizières (Gironde), was escorted home by a municipal police officer at lunchtime.

Reason invoked? His mother has not settled the canteen unpaid bills and the bill is reportedly 900 euros.

Crédit photo : Ercan Senkaya / Shutterstock

Controversy following the exclusion of a child, escorted home by the police because his mother had not paid for the canteen

As soon as it was revealed, the information sparked strong reactions on social networks and the political class immediately rushed into the breach.

The affair continues to fuel debates today and is taking on unimaginable proportions.

Despite the media storm, the town hall of Saint-Médard-de-Guizières persists and signs!

« This child was brought back in very good conditions. He was told that his mother forgot to tell him that he did not eat in his canteen, and that since she knew the municipal police officer, she asked him to bring him back. The child was delighted to get into the police car, he was smiling and at no time was he psychologically affected. “, Thus defended the mayor of the town, Mireille Conte-Jaubert, questioned by France Bleu.

« What is traumatic for the child is to have been brought home because his mother did not pay for the canteen “, She added to the microphone of BFM TV.

The bell sound is however very different on the side of the mother, who confided, anonymously, to our colleagues at LCI.

According to her, ” he (the child) was really, really bad. He had a terrible time having all his friends, his girlfriend, making remarks to him, like ‘you’re going to jail’, and simply being posted in front of the school. “, Thus affirmed the mother.

The story should not stop there because the defender of rights, Claire Hédon, seized ex officio on Monday, recalling in passing that ” children must be left out of conflicts between their parents and the administration ».

You will understand, the affair has not finished making a lot of noise!