September 25, 2021

the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

Ahead of the presentation of the Xiaomi 11T, the Chinese brand unveils one of its more technologically advanced projects: the Xiaomi Smart Glass. A pair of connected glasses with a futuristic design.

Xiaomi Smart Glass: the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

Xiaomi may well be known to launch dozens of smartphones each year, the brand would also like to become synonymous with technological innovation. It is important for an international brand like Xiaomi to show that it is now at the forefront of innovations as well-established tech giants can be. We could cite Samsung, Google or even Apple in these configurations, even if the latter is not really the type to be a technology pioneer.

After remote wireless charging or smartphones with avant-garde design, here are the connected glasses of the future: the Xiaomi Smart Glass.

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A mouth-watering project

You have to start by locating the product. It is a standalone pair of connected glasses in the same way as Microsoft’s Hololens glasses. We are not in the simple portable camera like the Ray-Ban Facebook Stories glasses. In principle, like a real connected watch, these glasses could replace your smartphone, at least for small sessions.

Xiaomi Smart Glass: the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

For this, you need a screen that is practical to use. Xiaomi announces the integration of a MicroLED panel allowing it to be integrated directly into the glass of the glasses and not as an additional optic. This allows to keep a design close to conventional glasses. The brand announces a thickness similar to a grain of rice, with pixels of only 4 µm. To maximize the brightness, Xiaomi specifies that it is a monochrome screen with a maximum brightness capable of reaching 2 million nits (or 2 million cd / m²), which seems incredibly high when the best screens in the world. market are struggling to rise above 1000 cd / m².

The chip that handles the screen measures 2.4 mm by 2.02 mm and should be integrated, it is imagined, into the branches of the glasses.

Xiaomi Smart Glass: the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

In these 51-gram glasses, Xiaomi announces the integration of a 5-megapixel photo sensor, a 4-core ARM processor, a battery, a touchpad and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

GPS and communication applications

Xiaomi Smart Glass glasses integrate a complete operating system to allow autonomous use. It notably integrates communications, navigation and camera applications.

Xiaomi Smart Glass: the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

Through the latter, it will be possible to translate what you see in real time. Convenient for reading the menu in a restaurant abroad or street signs. The navigation application is quite self-explanatory: it will display the augmented reality instructions directly before your eyes to guide you.

Xiaomi Smart Glass: the brand unveils connected glasses of the future

The glasses will also be able to show you your notifications, but Xiaomi promises to only show the ones that are really important like an urgent call from a loved one.

A “product of the future”

Xiaomi’s communication leaves no one imagining any release date for such a product which still seems to be a prototype in the offices of the firm. We do not see at any time a use of the prototype outdoors. The brand went so far as to recreate an indoor street to illustrate the use of glasses.

It is difficult to know when Xiaomi might be able to market such a device. When Hololens launched in 2017, Microsoft officials explained in interviews that manufacturing such lightweight, integrated eyewear was impossible on a large scale. Manufacturing performance with such criteria was too poor to be viable. But that was now 4 years ago.