September 25, 2021

In Guinea, the junta tries to appear as irreproachable

Is it because the last steps that Mamady Doumbouya had to climb before seizing power, in the early morning of September 5, bore traces of blood that the junta, led by this former legionnaire of the French army and current lieutenant-colonel of the Guinean special forces, tries since then to appear as irreproachable? There is no official record. However, several sources maintain that the assault on the presidency by special forces commandos claimed the lives of several dozen soldiers, mainly members of the presidential guard, including one of its colonels.

The image that the National Committee for Recovery and Development (CNRD) has since tried to convey contrasts with the brutality of this attack. On Friday, foreign ministers mandated by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS, regional organization) were able to see that Alpha Condé, held in a small villa inside the special forces camp , visited daily by his personal doctor and fed by his cook, had not suffered any ill-treatment. “The soldiers say [à son propos] he’s our daddy, we can’t hurt him ”, reports a witness of the meeting of ministers with the former president.

The military also accepted ” the principle “ of his release. Will he stay in Guinea, free, in exchange for his political silence? Or watched, closely, pending an unlikely trial? Will it be far away to another African country, far from the western coasts? Or back to his Parisian residence, where he already lived such a long exile before his 2010 victory, the only historical one, as the first democratically elected president of Guinea since independence in 1958? According to our source, the CNRD “Was not very clear, he will transmit the conditions of release to the presidents [de la Cédéao] ».

Giant portrait of Doumbouya

In this chapter as in the others, we can only cling to the rare verb of the president of the CNRD and to a few decrees numbered like so many forms. From his first speech, on the evening of the putsch, “Mamady Doumbouya ticked all the boxes: unity, fight against corruption, reconciliation, good governance, respect for the rule of law”, note Vincent Foucher and Rinaldo Depagne, analysts at the International Crisis Group (ICG) think tank. Since then, he and his fellow coup plotters have been camping on this line.

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