October 16, 2021

38 year old mother was brutally slit

A 38-year-old woman was stabbed to death in the Nocaze neighborhood in Montélimar. (Google view)

A 38-year-old mother was savagely killed with a stabbing weapon on Monday morning in the Nocaze district of Montélimar (Drôme), by her ex-companion who went after her. One of the victim’s children allegedly tried to intervene, to no avail. The killer was arrested and taken into custody.

It is a terrible drama which took place this Monday morning around 7 am, in the Nocaze district. The police received a call from a resident who told them that a woman was screaming and was the victim of an ultra-violent assault in the lobby of a building. Quickly on the spot, the police arrested the alleged murderer, 37, who was covered in blood. He had an injured arm and was taken to hospital under police escort.

A 14-year-old boy introduced himself to the police and told them that this man had just killed his mother. At the same time, officials discovered the victim’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. This mother of four is the ex-companion of the arrested, with whom she was in the process of divorce. It was already too late to try to save her. She was pronounced dead on the spot. The body of the deceased had a deep wound in the throat, and two other injuries of the same type on the level of the upper arms according to a source close to the file. She had also received numerous stab wounds and lost a lot of blood, which would be the cause of her death, the prosecution said.

According to the first elements, the alleged killer who has been separated from the victim for several months and who lives in the North, would have rented a hotel room in Montélimar the day before. He would have presented himself to his ex-concubine around 7 am this Monday morning, who would have come down to meet him, before being savagely killed. The oldest of her children, who is 14, is said to have heard screams and decided to retrieve a knife in an attempt to defend his mother. He would have managed to intervene in front of the murderer, but it was already too late.

A premeditated act?

The man was said to have been controlled and kept in place by witnesses assisted by the teenager, until the arrival of the police. This Tunisian national, who is not the father of any of the victim’s four children, was until now unknown to the police, his residence permit was still valid for a few weeks. Did he premeditate his gesture? What are his motives ? Two of the questions to which the investigators of the departmental security (SD) will seek to answer.

The alleged murderer will be questioned as soon as his state of health permits. A judicial investigation will be opened in this case announced the prosecution. In addition, the couple was not known for acts of domestic violence and no complaint or handbook indicating violence would have been filed in the past.

The three other children of the deceased, aged 7, 11 and 13, were taken into the care of a close relative. Psychological cells have been opened in the schools of Montélimar where the children are educated.