October 16, 2021

See the awe-inspiring images of the New York City flooding caused by Hurricane Ida

Record rainfall caused by Hurricane Ida caused sudden flooding across New York City, leading Mayor Bill de Blasio to declare a state of emergency yesterday, September 1st.

Credit: PA Images

The chosen one said on Twitter: “I am declaring a state of emergency in New York City tonight. This evening we are experiencing a historic meteorological event with exceptional rains throughout the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads. We ask that you stay off the streets tonight and let first responders and emergency services do their jobs. If you are thinking of going out, don’t. Don’t take the metro. Do not take the roads. Do not drive in these heavy waters. Stay inside ”.

The particularly serious tone of this press release gives a fairly concrete idea of ​​the black episode that New York is currently going through.

A few hours ago, more than 5,000 people were without power due to the catastrophic weather conditions and the resulting flooding. In his intervention, Bill de Blasio reassured the population that the rain should stop soon.


Most New York subways are closed, with the National Weather Service recording 8cm of rain in Central Park within an hour. He described the rain as causing “ sudden and dangerous floods ”, and that’s exactly what the people of the Big Apple have seen in recent days.

Lots of photos and videos have leaked onto social media and the pictures are impressive to say the least.

Twitter screenshot

Rail services and flights to and from the city have also been suspended, report our colleagues from the BBC. Storm Ida affected several areas of the United States, with a Category 4 hurricane reported in Louisiana on Sunday, August 29, and winds recorded at over 250 km / h.

Four days after the first consequences, hundreds of residents are still without power, while New Orleans has had a nighttime curfew imposed. According to several specialists, some people could be without electricity for several weeks, because Storm Ida destroyed about eight power transmission lines that supply the New York metropolitan area.

Credit: maps_dk / Twitter

Floods in New York: a very heavy provisional toll

According to the Independent, President Joe Biden will visit the state tomorrow, September 3, and meet with state and local officials. He will assess the damage in the most affected areas over the weekend.

New Jersey was also hit hard by the storm, and declared a state of emergency after reporting at least one drowning death in the town of Passaic, located about 30 kilometers from New York. In Kearny, the roof of a postal building was blown off by the storm while people were still inside. Rescue teams are believed to be present at the scene, but the number of injured is unknown.

Screenshot / Twitter

You will understand, the damage is considerable. The latest death toll in the country shows 44 dead.