October 16, 2021

Domenech is still cracking, a very high target is very expensive!

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Raymond Domenech is as offensive in the media as he was harmless on the bench of FC Nantes last season. After missing his return to the coach costume after the Knysna fiasco, the former coach of the Blues multiplies the rants here and there and has just found a new very high-placed target: Arsène Wenger.

In a recent interview with L’Équipe, the former Arsenal manager thus presented the contours of the new calendar that he imagines setting up with FIFA from 2028, with a major international competition each year (World Cup and Euro every two years) and qualifications grouped into two blocks. Domenech doesn’t believe it for a second.

“The idea does not hold water, it is stupid. Whether it’s worn by Mr. Wenger doesn’t make sense. When he was a coach, he railed against the selections all the time. I had a lot of disputes with him over which players he didn’t want me to take. I do not understand his positioning, railed the former coach of the Canaries on La Chaîne L’Équipe. The players who are permanently selected will in fact never have a vacation. It is a political aberration. As usual, FIFA decides, imposes and uses the players. When I hear Wenger say that the players agree, he reminds me of Guy Roux who was doing polls in his office. Wenger also only cites former players. For those who don’t gamble, it’s great. For the others, it is an aberration. “

to summarize

Raymond Domenech, passed stealthily on the bench of FC Nantes last season, sharply attacked a certain Arsène Wenger. The former Arsenal manager is guilty according to him of wanting to change the international calendar.