October 16, 2021

China: “effeminate” men banned from television

The portrayal of masculinity in entertainment shows, influenced in part by South Korean pop culture, seems to displease the Beijing authorities. So much so that China has now decided to ban from all television screens the men it considers “effeminate”.

As the BBC reports, local regulatory authorities have therefore decided to take a further step in ostracizing some form of diversity. Because after having banned from the Internet several Chinese stars recently struck by scandals or accused of corrupting the youth by defending consumerism, it is the men, described as “effeminate”, who are, since Wednesday, September 1, persona non grata in television programs.

The appearance of men on television had already been the subject of disapproval in 2019. Some celebrities had for example seen their earrings, their tattoos or their ponytails blurred on the screen.

“Promote traditional Chinese culture”

To explain its decision, the Chinese administration of television and radio said in a statement, that it wished “to vigorously promote the excellence of traditional Chinese culture (…) and advanced socialist culture”. The Chinese audiovisual regulator has also imposed a more correct redefinition of the beauty criteria of celebrities.

It would be a question of refocusing the youth on the vision of the Communist Party, while removing the public from what could distract them from it.

Because according to the authorities of the Middle Empire, the feminine look of these mediatized men would be a cause of the drop in the birth rate. He would not encourage young Chinese men to become “more masculine.”