October 16, 2021

“The northern districts of Marseille are a chance”, affirms Emmanuel Macron on France Bleu Provence

Emmanuel Macron takes stock of his three-day visit to Marseille. The Head of State believes that young people who live “in great social difficulty” are part of “the solutions”.

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The northern districts of Marseille are an opportunity if we give ourselves the means to invest in people and to reinvent places.“, Emmanuel Macron said Friday to France Bleu Provence, at the end of his three-day visit to the Marseille city.

The President of the Republic indicated that he “learned a lot during these last days“on this town that he”love for a long time“. During the meetings he made, he admitted to having learned”energy, expectations, impatience sometimes the extraordinary difficulty in which some of our compatriots live in certain neighborhoods and the potential of this city and this metropolis, if we give ourselves the means to act“.

Our country needs its youth“, underlined Emmanuel Macron.

There are also solutions in these neighborhoods because there are young people.

Emmanuel Macron

France Blue Provence

Most “there is a youth who knows precariousness in terms of housing, whose families are sometimes fractured, who live in great social difficulty and for whom it is necessary to put back (the priority on) school, massively, and undoubtedly differently“, insists the head of state. We must”invest in families to help them educate outside of school time, get back to sports and music“.

It’s a lot of work, a lot of commitment, but it’s doable

Emmanuel Macron

France Blue Provence

Emmanuel Macron also intends to allow “that all the jobs that are created in Marseille are also created for the young people of these neighborhoods“. It is necessary, according to him, to break”the mental barriers that we sometimes have, the representations, so that they can move around and go to work“.