October 16, 2021

Sign Mbapp! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (SdR 0-2 PSG) – Football

Dominator then in management, Paris Saint-Germain logically imposed Reims (0-2), this Sunday, at the end of the 4th day of Ligue 1. A victory without forcing for the club of the capital, carried by Kylian Mbapp , double scorer.

Mbapp scored twice in Reims.

If Lionel Messi, who played his first minutes with a jersey other than that of FC Barcelona in a club, logically attracted the spotlight, it was Kylian Mbapp who made the difference this Sunday.

At the end of the 4th day of Ligue 1, the French striker, announced close to Real Madrid, scored a double to allow the capital club to win Reims (0-2). A success without forcing the vice-champion of France who takes the lead of the championship by continuing his faultless.

Mbapp lights the first wick

Without La Pulga at kickoff, the Parisians would exert enormous pressure on the opposing defense. Very alert, Mbapp first alerted Rajkovic to a strike at the near post. Before sanctioning it a few minutes later with a powerful head on a caviar from Di Maria (0-1, 15th). Determined to do very badly, the Parisians were unplayable and remained almost exclusively in the Roman camp apart from a few incursions by Tour and Kebbal.

Despite the asphyxiating pressing of visitors, Reims did not panic and tried to relaunch properly to find openings. The Champagne club even managed to scratch the ground but stumbled on a block in the Ile-de-France which perfectly crisscrossed the green rectangle. That didn’t stop Cassama from giving Navas a cold sweat on a no-lan strike that hit the right post. A big alert for a PSG so far very quiet.

Mbapp’s break before Messi’s entry

The capital club was scared when they returned from the locker room on a goal from Munetsi refused for offside. A new warning which confirmed the difficulties of the visitors … who ended up making the break by Mbapp, without mercy in front of Rajkovic on a caviar from Hakimi (0-2, 64th). The moment chosen by Mauricio Pochettino to launch Messi, acclaimed by the audience of the Auguste Delaune stadium, inevitably happy to see a football legend take to the pitch.

With the little time spent on the pitch, La Pulga played his rhythm, without ever forcing. The Argentine star did not hesitate to combine with Mbapp, who has often sought to hand him over to welcome him. Overall, the PSG did not really press on the accelerator, avoiding the muscular interventions of their opponents, who if they did not deserve, have never managed to catch up. Paris received 4 out of 4!

The score of the match: 6/10

A rather pleasant meeting even if the PSG once again experienced an air gap of half an hour during which Reims tried everything to come back. We had a great atmosphere, including noisy Parisian supporters who welcomed Messi as it should. A beautiful evening for Paris … and the spectators present Auguste Delaune.

The goals :

– On the right, Hakimi leans on Di Maria. The Argentinian gets on his left foot and lands a perfect ball for Mbapp, who is placed between Faes and Abdelhamid to shoot Rajkovic with a powerful header at the near post (0-1, 15th).

– Gueye sends a superb opening on the right side for Hakimi, who progresses in the camp of Rome to address a perfect low cross on Mbapp. The French striker only has to push the ball to the back of the net at the far post (0-2, 64th).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Idrissa Gueye (8/10)

Helped by his attackers, who were effective in pressing, the Senegalese midfielder was responsible for cleaning up behind them by recovering many balls. Better yet, he was incredibly accurate in the second half with several millimeter openings, including the one that led to Mbapp’s second goal. A standard match for the Lion of Tranga, who caps Mbapp on the post for this honorary title thanks to his regularity over the 90 minutes.


Predrag Rajkovic (4): the Serbian goalkeeper paradoxically did not have much to do in this match. He tilts on two of the three framework strikes of PSG. An evening which could have been complicated but which was not really happy.

Thomas Foket (6): faced with a Neymar out of form, the Belgian right side has held his place by imposing a physical fight at all times. He could have finished with a decisive pass if Navas hadn’t pushed Tour’s head back to his cross.

Andreaw Gravillon (5): the player passed through Lorient made an impact and was able to gain respect to block the passage Neymar. However, he had a little more trouble coping with Mbapp’s vivacity.

Wout Faes (5.5): the Belgian can bite his fingers on Mbapp’s first goal with a slight delay to intervene. Because the rest of his match, he was rather interesting in the duels.

Younis Abdelhamid (6): a good match from captain rmois who helped Mbuku against Hakimi. He was grateful to his rearguard to prevent the Parisians from passing too easily.

Nathanal Mbuku (5): replaced left piston, the usual winger suffered against Di Maria. Paradoxically, he was a little less in difficulty facing Hakimi, aided by the presence of Abdelhamid. He doesn’t have enough bones tonight. Replace the 46th minute with Bradley Locko (5), who had a little more trouble at the end of the game against the Moroccan right side.

Marshall Nyasha Munetsi (5): half-fig, half-grape. Rather good in the defensive phases, he did not really know what to do with the ball. He thought to equalize but his goal was ruled out for offside.

Dion Lopy (6): the environment was interesting in the recovery and in the impact. He kept harassing Wijnaldum, who had trouble turning around in the face of the game. Substituted the 71st minute with Mitchell van Bergen (non not).

Moreto Cassam (5): good and bad. The Champagne midfielder lost dangerous balls on poorly adjusted raises. At the same time, he was interested on his forward throws and even hit the post on a shot without momentum before the break. Replace the 46th minute with Valon Berisha (5), which apropos but did not have success in its combinations.

Ilan Kebbal (5): a good start to the game for the pocket winger, who was restless and who was not shy with the ball in his feet. Unfortunately, he ran out of steam in the face of much more experienced Parisians. Replace the 76th minute with Alexis Flips (non not).

El Bilal Toure (5.5): the young Malian striker caused some problems early in the match with sharp bores to embarrass Kehrer. He was dangerous in the box as close to scoring on a header rejected by Navas.


Keilor Navas (6): the Costa Rican goalkeeper made little contribution overall in the first period. It is nevertheless decisive in the second half on a few situations, including a close range head from Tour.

Achraf Hakimi (6.5): active as usual, the Moroccan right side had the unpleasant surprise to fall on 2 or even 3 opponents each attempt to overflow. He took advantage of the fatigue of the Rmois to have more freedom after returning from the locker room and delivered a nice decisive pass for Mbapp. He had an air hole during the first quarter of an hour of the second period with rims in his area.

Thilo Kehrer (6): first jostled by Tour, the German central defender has recovered to gain respect. He was not put in much difficulty even though he could have done better to block Tour on the big chance in the second half.

Marquinhos (7): the captain started slowly, with a few rough raises, before returning to his usual level. He played his rhythm without really forcing it. It is no coincidence, however, that PSG did not concede a goal for the first time this season with the Brazilian.

Abdou Diallo (5.5): a half-hearted match for the Senegalese. He was little worried apart from the action leading up to Munetsi’s offside goal. At the same time, he did not contribute much offensively to support Neymar. Replace the 76th minute with Presnel Kimpembe (non not).

Georginio Wijnaldum (5): an average copy made by the Dutch midfielder. He started well with sharp climbs despite unsuccessful choices with the ball. Then he slowly fell into line, losing many duels in the midfield. Replace the 66th minute with Ander Herrera (non not).

Idrissa Gueye (8): read comment above.

Marco Verratti (5.5): the Italian midfielder is not yet 100%, and it shows. He has too little bone, limiting himself to very simple passes for his partners around. He managed to take his usual card following a heavy foul on Kebbal. Replace the 75th minute with Leandro Paredes (not known).

ngel Di Mara (6.5): the Argentinian winger started very strong with all-terrain pressing and golden services, such as the ball he placed on Mbapp’s head for the opener. Then he slowly but surely lowered his foot, content to do the defensive job in his zone. Replace the 81st minute with Julian Draxler (non not).

Kylian Mbappe (8): PSG supporters had to say that there is a Paris with or without Mbapp. Determined to show his flawless professionalism, the French striker was full in this match. Head scorer, extremely rare, to launch his own, he doubled the lead in the second period to push the Champagne club. In the meantime, he made many differences thanks to his speed and his desire to always play forward. We understand the will of its leaders to keep it. Quit losing it for no financial consideration next summer.

Neymar (4.5): for his first tenure of the season, the Brazilian striker was logically a tone below. Even though he has been willful and valuable in the laundry, he is clearly not at best physically with an obvious overweight. He lost a lot of balls and gave the impression of being an average player on the argument hour. Replace the 66th minute with Lionel Messi (non not), who played his first minutes with PSG. He volunteered with a good comeback in Abdelhamid’s feet and combined a few covers with Mbapp. A smooth start for La Pulga which was acclaimed by the public in Rome.

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REIMS 0-2 PARIS SG (mi-tps: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Stade Auguste Delaune, Reims – Referee: Francois Letexier, France

Buts : – K. Mbapp (16th) K. Mbapp (64th) for PARIS SG
Warnings : H. Ekitike (84e), for REIMS – M. Verratti (45th), A. Diallo (55e), L. Paredes (88e), for PARIS SG

REIMS : P. RajkovicA. Gravillon, W. Faes, Y. AbdelhamidD. Lopy (M. van Bergen, 71st)T. Foket, Moreto Cassam (V. Berisha, 46e), M. Munetsi, N. Book (B. Locko, 46e)I. Kebbal (A. Flips, 75e), E. Toure (H. Ekitike, 81e)

PARIS SG : K. NavasMarks, T. KehrerA. Judge, A. Diallo (L. Paredes, 75th)G. Wijnaldum (Ander Herrera, 66th), I. Gueye, M. Verratti (P. Kimpembe, 75th). Di Mara (J. Draxler, 81e), K. Mbapp, Neymar (L. Messi, 66th)

Mbapp opened the scoring of the head (0-1, 15th)

Hakimi delivered caviar for Mbapp’s double (0-2, 64th)

No, you’re not dreaming, Messi wears the PSG jersey!

Still not dreaming …

Gueye was reims standard

VIDEO: Messi’s historic entry