November 28, 2021

Netflix: Top 10 most popular movies and series in France!

Check out the list of the most popular movies and series on the Netflix streaming platform in September! We tell you everything.

Here is the list of films and series who are the most successful on Netflix right now! MCE TV tells you everything.

This month’s hits on Netflix

This month of September has been very rich in film and series releases. Indeed, subscribers to the Netflix platform were able to discover new programs like every month. But also the continuation of some shows which was therefore eagerly awaited.

We can therefore say that the return has brought its share of surprises to Netflix subscribers. Moreover, some programs have experienced a lot of success on the streaming platform.

We think for example in the last seasons of some series which are therefore finally available on the platform. Like La Casa de Papel or the sequel to the Lucifer series.

New programs have also driven subscribers to the streaming platform completely nuts. Like the new series back to school phenomenon Squid Game!

Released on September 17, it appears today in the Top 10 most viewed programs of the platform. It is therefore indeed an indisputable global phenomenon.

Thanks to word of mouth which proved to be very effective, the series found a place in the Top 10 since September 25. Since then, she has not left the top of the ranking! Just that.

According to data from FlixPatrol, Business Insider France has unveiled the list of the most most popular of the month of September! We will reveal everything to you, without further ado.

Top 10 popular programs

In 10th place for the most popular films and series on the Netflix platform, we therefore find Un After Mortel. This film tells us the story of Cassie who dies in an unlikely accident after a drunken night. The young woman returns to Earth to repair his mistakes before going to Heaven.

The movie It is too good and the series Squid Game shares the next place. Indeed, the two programs seem to have been as successful with subscribers of the Netflix platform.

The new season of Sex Education is bound to be in the ranking of the most popular programs. Without too many surprises. Then comes the film Les Déguns which also seems to have charmed streaming platform subscribers.

He tells us the story of Nono and Karim who escape from a military recovery camp after being locked up there after a burglary. A film with full of humor that will put a smile on your face!

If you like action movies Kate is the movie for you! It is therefore no surprise that we find it in 5th place in this ranking of the most popular programs.

The Clickbait miniseries also much talk about her. It is therefore found in 4th place in this ranking.

Right behind Lucifer and his devilish final season that fans have been waiting for a long time! The Good Girls series is also on the podium of the platform’s successful programs. Finally, it’s the robbers of La Casa de Papel which takes the first position of this classification.