November 29, 2021

Netflix: 18 movies from the 2000s to watch

Charlie and the chocolate factory

WARNER BROS. / Collection Christophel

The Holiday (2006)

To forget their heartaches, the Briton Iris (Kate Winslet), in love with a (soon) married man, and the American Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who has just left her fickle boyfriend, are exchanging their house a few days before the holiday season. In a cozy cottage lost in the snowy English countryside, the blonde Amanda, accustomed to the Californian sun and social gatherings, is getting ready, just a few hours after her arrival, to jump on a plane to return home, when a charming stranger rings the doorbell, completely drunk. It is none other than the brother ofIris, Graham (Jude Law). Across the Atlantic, Iris enjoys the pleasures that offer The Angels and falls under the spell of a friend ofAmanda, the facetious Miles (Jack Black), who helps her to emancipate herself from her narcissistic pervert ex. A com tender and modern rom carried by an irresistible quartet.

The Holiday

7e Art/Columbia Pictures / Photo12 via AFP

The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight (2008)

February 22, 2009 Heath Ledger posthumously received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance of Joker in The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan. Died 1 year earlier from an overdose, the Australian actor would not have survived the intense psychological preparation that his character requires. Too fragile, too tortured, too possessed … Many say that the Joker had his skin. But what appears on the screen remains a lesson in cinema as we rarely see so many Heath Ledger is inhabited by his character that he took to the body and built little by little, inspired by Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols and Malcolm McDowell d’Clockwork Orange. The few times he appears in the film, breathless when absent from the screen, is enough to make his performance a legend. As for Batman, Christian Bale has found the perfect balance between a Bruce Wayne on a human scale, gripped by conflicting emotions, and a dark and tortured superhero.