November 29, 2021

Near Nantes. Aurélie is a bodybuilder: “It’s a real sport, not bloating”

Aurélie Pelatan, 29, has been practicing bodybuilding for two years, after having been in karate for a long time. © HSM – Vincent Malboeuf

For two years, Aurélie Pelatan makes his body a living sculpture. The 29-year-old woman, from Vertou on the outskirts of Nantes (and press correspondent for our newspaper), indeed practices bodybuilding after having long worked in karate, in the kata category, this imaginary combat, codified, “where we simulate attacks and parries”.

She even rubbed shoulders with the high level, with several selections for the France team as a substitute for European and world championships.

“My parents loved martial arts, my father admires athletes. They enrolled me in karate when I was 5. Everyone thought I was not going to like it, but I demanded my re-registration at the end of each season. When I was 15, I went to sports studies at Fontenay-le-Comte to improve in kata. No one would have bet a kopeck on me but I managed to go to the national team at 22, ”says Aurélie Pelatan.

Child “complexed” by his body

This accomplished and determined sportswoman has fallen into the bodybuilding naturally. “I was doing less karate when I was 25-26 years old. I had done the tour. I continued to go to the gym but wanted a new goal ”.

It was there that she discovered the “body” by attending athletes with strong musculature. “The fact of building your body, of paying attention to the physical and aesthetic aspect pleases me. In karate, I had never worked on sculpting the body but I already had a healthy weight to perform ”.

Aurélie also got into bodybuilding because as a child, she suffered from her body.

I was a little coated and therefore complexed. Being a good student in addition, I often had to face mockery. And since I had a strong character, sport allowed me to channel all that.

Aurélie Pelatan
Aurélie Pelatan on stage, during a bikini category bodybuilding championship. © provided by Aurélie Pelatan

In the bikini category

Today, she gives herself every chance to shine on stage in the various competitions held in France and in Europe in the bikini category, “accessible, very feminine and very elegant”.

The last one was in Spain in Seville, on the Arnold Classic, in reference to the American Schwarzenegger, also known to be one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. She finishes 9e out of 33 on this major competition in the international calendar. A superb performance for Aurélie, who has refined her silhouette like never before (1.57 m for 49.5 kg).

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A daily dedicated to sport and body

I have to say that his life is scrupulously dedicated to the body. His preparation for competitions is precise.

40-minute cardio when you get up, daily training in the gym for 2 hours – “mainly muscle building”, diet adapted to the dry (diet to lose fat without losing muscle), posing sessions … Aurélie leaves nothing to chance. No deviation is allowed.

I went from 3 meals to 6 or 7 a day. I swallow up to 1 liter per day of egg white, an important source of protein. There is a discipline to be observed. The body is an extraordinary machine and mine is adapting very well.

His social life? “Yes, it’s a little more restrictive, restaurants are becoming rarer but I continue to go out, see my friends. You just have to be very well organized, keep your goal in mind and have a lot of willpower, ”says the one who has had a remote coach since early 2021.

“Quintessence of beauty”

In his sights today, the Top 6 on the Diamond Cup in Rome in December. In front of the jury, she will have to combine once again “beauty and elegance” at the time of the four poses and have a “thin waist”.

However, “this is not a beauty contest,” she insists. Aurélie, who works in website optimization, flourishes in the bodybuilding, “A real sport, and not a bloat.” “People don’t realize the investment we put into it. To have this body, you have to work on it ”.

If the body begins to democratize in France, we are still far from the American mentality, according to Aurélie.

With us, we love gastronomy, so we do not understand that we can put ourselves on a diet. We are no longer seen as someone who pushes cast iron and who has nothing in his brain. Fortunately, my entourage supports me and I love what I do, that’s the main thing. The body bikini is for me the epitome of beauty.

Aurélie Pelatan

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