November 28, 2021

Natacha Atlas… Aziza the Muslim who denied her Jewish blood – Maroc Local et Nouvelles du Monde | Jewish news from Morocco, breaking news | מרוקו ג׳וייש טיימס, חדשות מרוקו והעולם | Morocco News

There are several accounts relating to the true origins of singer Natasha Atlas, especially that she spent years denying that her father was Jewish, and refused to visit Israel, because of his fame in the Arab world. Natacha owes this fame to her particular way of mixing oriental, North African and Western sounds, a mix that makes her an exceptional artist.

Natacha, or Aziza after her conversion to Islam, was born in 1954 in Belgium, and grew up with the Maghreb people in the suburbs of Brussels. She has lived much of her life in the UK, but her father is Judeo-Tunisian, although some believe he is Judeo-Egyptian of Palestinian descent. Other sources even claim that he is Moroccan. In one of her interviews, Natacha says: “It is possible that my father is 10% Jewish. Jews have always been part of Arab societies, it is not strange that a person finds out one day that he is Jewish ”.

Natacha, who is very similar to the legendary Dalida according to some critics, speaks several languages ​​and dialects, including Egyptian. Indeed, she lived in Egypt for a year to work on her album “Ayeshteni”, and learned oriental dance at the same time. She has worked as a dancer in several cabarets in Belgium, Turkey, Greece and United Kingdom.

A pioneer of rock in Arabic, her music is greatly impacted by reggae, hip hop, and Brazilian Bossanova. She is also greatly influenced by classical Arabic song and has covered legendary songs, by Abdelhalim Hafez, Fayrouz, Rahbani Brothers, and even “Kitab Hayati ya ein” by Egyptian artist Hasan Al Asmar.

Among the most famous songs of Natacha Atlas: Leysh Nat’arak, Mistaneek, Mish Fadilak, Ana Hena, Diaspora, Halim, in addition to Mon Ami la Rose, the famous song by Françoise Hardy, which has become very popular with the audience of Natacha after taking it back in her own way.