January 26, 2022

Zack Snyder’s humility would be unfavorable to his films

Real name Zachary Edward Snyder, Zach Snyder is a great director! In any case, that’s what the general public thinks. The latter has always praised the works of Zach. Whether with DC Comics, HBO Max, or even recently with Netflix, his film collaborations have often been commercially successful. However, the American filmmaker has a little trouble gaining the unanimity of his peers.

Zack Snyder during the filming of the movie Army of the Dead

For many film professionals, Zack Snyder cannot be categorized as the greatest. According to Greg Silverman, a former Warner Bros executive, if the director’s works are always underestimated, it is because he is too humble.

Advertising in the cinema

Director Zack Snyder got into the cinema late in the day. He first made his ranges in advertising. The native of Wisconsin had also made himself famous thanks to the commercials he made for large firms.

He has successfully placed his signature on advertising videos for brands such as Reebok, Jeep, Subaru and Nike. He has even won several awards in the field of advertising, including a Golden Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Snyder actually began making films with the film. Army of the dead which opens the doors of Hollywood to him. Then, in 2006 he produced the peplum 300 from the work of writer Frank Miller. Then he goes out Sucker Punch in 2010. This film tells the story of a mentally ill woman who tries to escape from a hospital center.

Subsequently, he continues with the film Man of Steel in 2013, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, Justice League released in 2017 then Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of Dead in 2021. It should be noted that this talented director is currently under contract with the Netflix platform for other upcoming films such as Rebel Moon and Planet of Dead whose releases are scheduled for 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Zack Snyder supporters are rising up on social media.

In light of this repertoire filled with commercial successes, one is entitled to wonder why Zack is not recognized at the height of his talent. He is clearly not the darling of observers of the world of cinema. His films have always been poorly received by critics.

This is also the reason why after the release of his latest films Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman, many fans supported him on the web. Thus a fan reacted on Twitter by stipulating that Zack’s films would have been applauded if the name of another director had appeared in the credits.

A remark shared by Greg Silverman, a former collaborator of Snyder. He supports the Internet user’s opinion by adding that Snyder’s humility to accept and listen to criticism is the very basis of his setbacks. His willingness to be conciliatory ended up digging his grave in an industry that obviously does not like too smooth characters.

Source : MovieWeb