January 29, 2022

your movies will start even later

Big announcement on the TNT side, several French television channels have decided to upset their program schedule to follow the demands of the CSA. The audiovisual regulatory body had criticized many channels of air their prime time too late in the evening compared to the time promised to viewers …

Viewers are tired of waiting

On social networks, it is not uncommon to see Internet users pissing off the hour when evening movies are broadcast on TF1. On this subject, the Superior Council of Audiovisual admits besides being “questioned regularly” by the televiewers.

Viewers’ complaints relate to two reasons: on the one hand, the gradual slippage, over the years, of the early evening hours of television programs and, on the other hand, the recurring delays with regard to the times announced in the press. and on the internet.

Despite its many powers, the supervisory authority does not seem to be able to do much about it. He explains himself: “The channels are free to compose their grid as they wish“. However, in its character of audiovisual guarantor, it allows itself, all the same, to forward the complaints it receives to the headquarters of the television channels.

And it will not have served for nothing! This Tuesday, several broadcasters made a big announcement concerning their program for the week of January 8, 2022. From this date set for next year, the prime times of TF1, CStar and the channels of the France Télévisions group will be 5 minutes later than their initial schedule.

Not all channels affected

No worries, however, the schedule for showing your evening films will not be delayed. Although there are chances, that in the long term, this will end up being the case … Only the TV schedules will change and will display, finally, in the press and on the web, more transparent hours concerning the start of evening programs.

The prime times of TF1, France 2, France 3 and Culturebox will therefore now be announced for 9:10 p.m., instead of 9:05 p.m. previously. France 5 evenings will start from 9 p.m. For its part, CStar is expected to start broadcasting its early evening program around 9:05 p.m.

Not all broadcasters have decided to take action in this direction. However, the CSA deplores, each month, very many failures to respect the schedules on the part of the other chains. Among the worst pupils, we find TMC, C8 or M6. If nothing is done on their side, the CSA promises a new call to order “during the first half of 2022”. In the meantime, discover the full program of films to be found on M6 during the Christmas holidays.