July 2, 2022

Women directors in the spotlight with the Films Femmes Méditerranée festival, from November 20 to 25

Since 2006, these fall meetings have highlighted the cinema of women around the world. Whether they present their first or their tenth film, we discover artists from all over the world. This will still be the case for this 16th edition thanks to a large program. We discover !

In theaters or online, feature and short films

From 20 to 25 November, 29 films will be shown as part of the Films Femmes Méditerranée meetings. 17 feature films, 12 shorts and 8 unreleased films!

Apart from the two films of Cecilia Mangini, as part of a tribute that will be paid to her, we will find: Elsewhere Everywhere Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter, Radiograph of a Family de Firouzeh Khosrovani, Ghosts de Azra Deniz Okyay, The Last Spring d’Isabel Lamberti, Souad d’Ayten Amin, The man who sold his skin by Kaouther Ben Hania.

video length: 50sec

Mediterranean Women Films – Teaser 2021

Whether it is a short or a feature film, a documentary or a fiction, a French, Lebanese, Brazilian, Egyptian, or even Italian work, these films evoke the place of the human in the society of yesterday, today. hui of tomorrow, its family relationships, its link to its country, its culture, its origins …

Even if the main sessions will take place in Marseille, a few cities in the region will not be harmed. In Hyères, Cucuron, Port de Bouc, Cassis and Forcalquier, moviegoers can also enter the world of these Mediterranean women directors.

A way for Films Femmes Méditerranée to broaden its audience and make Provençaux aware of this unique event in Europe which combines feminine cinema and southern cinema.

And to match the essence of the festival and “go beyond borders”, the organizing team has also planned online sessions! 5 films will be visible on the internet from November 24 to 30: The orphanage, Two forgotten boxes, a trip to Vietnam, Radiograph of a family, The last spring and Taming the Garden. 3 euros per screening only for a movie night from your sofa.

The full program can be found here

Tribute to Cecilia Mangini

Director, documentary maker, screenwriter and photographer… Cécilia Mangini made her first film in 1958, at the age of 31. At the time, it was part of a new cinematographic movement in Italy: neorealism. Between documentary and fiction, the idea is to tell the story of everyday life by wrapping it with slightly more imagined facts.

In these films, Cecilia Mangini denounces and sometimes incites revolution. This has earned him the censorship of many of his works. Not enough to stop the artist who even made a film, his last, at the age of 93. A great career for the director with a total of 26 films to her credit.

In homage to this “revolutionary passionate”, in the words of her friend Paolo Pisanelli, the meetings Films Femmes Méditerranée will broadcast 6 short films by Cecilia Mangini and two unpublished feature films Two forgotten boxes, a trip to Vietnam and Grazia Deledda, the revolutionary. Two films co-directed with Paolo Pisanelli with whom it will be possible to exchange after each broadcast.

The dates and times of the sessions are available here.

Round tables: a voice for women

The cinema can also be is a way of approaching the news. After the events that took place this summer in Afghanistan and the takeover of the Taliban, the country has changed and a climate of fear has developed, especially for women.

Despite everything, some decided to fight and demonstrate to save the few rights they had. A fight at the risk of their lives, which sometimes led them to leave their country.

Through two films, To the sound of bells by Chabname Zariab and The orphanage by Shahrbanoo Sadat, then a round table, the Festival Films Femmes Méditerranée gives the floor, Saturday, November 20, to these women of extraordinary courage.

The round table moderated by Virginie Herz, editor-in-chief at France 24, will be composed of Shahrbanoo Sadat, Afghan director and screenwriter and Rada Akbar, Afghan photographer and performer. They both had to flee their country last summer. Franco-Iranian actress and director Guilda Chahverdi will also be around the table. Since the summer events, she has mobilized for the cause of Afghan families and women and helps them find refuge in France and in Europe.

Cinema for everyone

Films Femmes Méditerranée undertakes each year to promote the 7th art as widely as possible. The association has therefore set up a solidarity cinema to allow all audiences to discover female auteur cinema.

Thanks to the “I go to my cinema” workshops, children and adults attend free screenings all year round followed by debates. The objective: to discuss and open up to the world. In 2021, 21 workshops were held in penitentiary centers, social centers and social reintegration centers.

High school students, apprentices and young people are not left out either! Specific sessions take place during the festival.

Students registered through their institutions in advance will be able to see The Last Spring Isabel Lamberti on Monday 22 November and My name is Baghdad by Caru Alves de Souza on Thursday 25 November. The little ones will have an appointment on Wednesday November 24 with Little mom by Céline Sciamma.

A “seduction” operation to enrich and diversify their film culture.

Mediterranean Women Films

From 20 to 25 November in Marseille, Hyères, Cucuron, Port de Bouc, Cassis and Forcalquier. Details of prices here.

From 24 to 30 November online on the internet. 3 euros per session.

The detailed program

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