May 22, 2022

which films and series to see the week of February 4, 2022?

NETFLIX. “In the shade of magnolias”, “Disenchanted”, “Through my window”… Here is the calendar and the list of programs not to be missed from this Friday, February 4, 2022.

[Mis à jour le 4 février 2022 à 9h00] Every Friday, Netflix offers new content for its subscribers, and often expected original productions. On February 4, 2022, it will be possible to discover season 2 of the romantic series “A l’ombre des magnolias”. The adaptation of the book for teenagers, “Through my window”, will also be available from this date, as will the Indian romantic comedy “Looop Lapeta: the infernal loop”.

In the days that follow, other programs will be available on Netflix. Subscribers to the streaming platform will be able to embark on the reality show “Love is blind” Japanese version (Tuesday February 8), before binge-watching the fourth season of the animated series “Disenchanted” (Wednesday February 9). That same day, the German horror film “The Privilege” will be released as well as the true crime documentary series “Catching Killers”. Below, find the complete schedule of the next releases on Netflix.

  • February 1, 2022 : How to raise a superhero (season 2), Anne Frank, my best friend, Gabby and the magic house (season 4), Collection Claude Berri (Tchao Pantin, The old man and the child, Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources , Uranus, Germinal, Ensemble c’est tout), Jackass 3.5, Sorry to bother you, Ninja Turtles 1 and 2, The Walking dead (season 10 part 2), Crazy, stupid, love, Italian robbery, The Apprentice
  • February 2, 2022 : The Tinder Scammer, Dark Desire (Season 2), Carnivore
  • February 3, 2022 : Kid Cosmic, Murderville, Ola finds her way
  • February 4, 2022 : In the shade of the magnolias (season 2), Through my window, Looop Lapeta: the infernal loop
  • 8 February 2022 : Love is blind Japan, Kamiari’s child of the month
  • 9 February 2022 : Disenchanted (season 4), The privilege, Only Jokes Allowed, Who has a golden idea?, Catching Killers (season 2)
  • February 10, 2022 : Till life do us part, Into the wind
  • February 11, 2022 : Inventing Anna, Toy Boy (season 2), Bigbug (film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet), Tall Girl 2, Anne+: the film, Love is Blind (season 2), Love tactics, L’amour en leash
  • February 12, 2022: Dragon 3: The Hidden World
  • February 14, 2022 : Every fidelity, Life in circles
  • February 15, 2022 : Ridley Jones: the protector of the museum (season 3)
  • February 16, 2022 : Summer in Cielo, Jee-yuhs: the Kanye West trilogy (one episode per week), Swap Shop season 2
  • February 17, 2022 : The young Wallander: the shadow of crime, Erac, Heart shot, Forgive us our trespasses, Vengeance at the fists
  • February 18, 2022 : Who is lying? (season 1), Space force (season 2), Texas chainsaw massacre, the Cuphead show!, Downfall: the Boeing case
  • February 19, 2022 : The Equalizer 2
  • February 20, 2022 : The song of the wolf, Don’t kill me
  • February 22, 2022 : Pilfer!, Bubba Wallace: driver of change
  • February 23, 2022 : UFO
  • February 24, 2022 : The world of Karma in music
  • February 25, 2022 : Vikings: Valhalla, Without respite (with Franck Gastambide), Madea: comeback with a bang, Twice 15 years
  • February 28, 2022 : My Wonderful Life

Netflix news

What to watch on netflix?

Netflix is ​​a platform that has become essential in the streaming landscape. Despite increasingly strong competition from Amazon Prime Video or Disney+, its number of subscribers and original content continues to grow. It is also through its catalog of popular series, such as Squid Game, Stranger Things, The Bridgerton Chronicle or La Casa de Papel, that Netflix stands out from other platforms. If you want to take or continue your subscription, however, be aware that this is one of the streaming platforms with the highest prices: the cheapest subscription costs €8.99 per month. The trial month that had been in place for several years no longer exists. Below, find the latest info on Netflix, the programs to watch on Netflix, but also information on the subscription and prices of the streaming platform.

Netflix is ​​full of many films on its streaming platform, whether it’s cinema classics or original productions. In this second category, there are several films hailed at award ceremonies (Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, etc.). Among the must-see Netflix films are Marriage Story (with Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson), Mank by David Fincher, Mudbound, the animated films Klaus or The Mitchells against the Machines, Roma by Alfonso Cuaron, or even The Chicago Seven . Below is a non-exhaustive selection of the best Netflix original movies to watch on the streaming platform.

Many original series are to be discovered on Netflix. Among the most popular are La Casa de Papel, Lupin, Stranger Things, The Bridgerton Chronicle and Squid Game. Others have been praised by specialized critics, such as The Crown, Sex Education, The Haunting of Hill House or Le Jeu de la Dame. Below, find a selection of the best series to watch on Netflix, whether original productions or television classics to be found on the platform.

All About Netflix Subscription

Netflix offers three subscriptions at different prices. The “essential” subscription is the cheapest, at €8.99 per month. Prices can then increase with the “Standard” subscription at €13.49 per month, up to €17.99 for the “Premium” subscription. In the article below, we detail each of the subscriptions and their associated price to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Netflix offers three different subscriptions: essential, standard and premium. Each offers unlimited viewing of films and series on smartphone, tablet, computer or on TV and Smart TV. But how to choose between these three offers? Below, we detail each of them, with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • If your budget is tight, it seems preferable to opt for the subscription Essential, which, at €8.99/month, is the cheapest offered by the streaming platform. However, this offer only offers a simultaneous screen and only standard image quality: you should therefore not be too much to use this account at the same time.
  • If you are two to take advantage of the account Netflix in your household, it may be necessary to opt for the subscription Standard. For €13.49/month, this offer allows you to watch two different content on two simultaneous screens. Ideal for roommates, couples or small families. With this offer, you also benefit from an HD image.
  • Premium Membership is ideal if you are looking to accumulate the maximum benefit and you are not too fussy about the price of your subscription, or if you are a very large family or a large roommate where each member watches Netflix regularly. For €17.99/month, you have access to all Netflix titles with optimal image quality and on many simultaneous screens. This offer offers viewing of the platform’s catalog in HD, ultra HD and 4K, all on 4 screens at the same time.

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension created in March 2020. This allows streaming platform subscribers to watch the same content with their loved ones at the same time, even without being physically present in the same room. To take advantage of it, just go to the site de Netflix Party to install the extension. But this is only available on Google Chrome, and not on other internet browsers. To know in detail how to install Netflix Party and how to operate it, click below.

When it was launched in France, Netflix offered to discover the content of the streaming platform for free for one month. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to access Netflix without paying, the one-month trial no longer exists. Therefore, there is no possibility to legally watch Netflix content for free.

To access your Netflix account, it’s very simple. Just go to the platform’s official website or directly to the smartphone, tablet or Smart TV application. You are automatically asked to identify yourself: all you have to do is enter your email address and the password registered when you registered. To manage your features, simply go to the “My Account” tab, which will allow you to change your personal data, your billing information.

To create different profile in your Netflix account, just click on this url. You can then add a new profile, or change the existing ones, whether it’s their name or their image. But that’s not all: it is possible to modify the age categories, which makes it possible to filter out more sensitive content for children, for example. However, it is necessary to know the password of the account to do so. To delete a profile, simply modify it and then click on the “delete profile” button.