May 24, 2022

when genre films inspire video games

CINEMA AND VIDEO GAMES: THE MARRIAGE OF THE CENTURY (3/8) Since the rise of video games in the 1980s, this industry and that of the cinema have multiplied the rapprochements, to the point of influencing each other, or even merge. Blatant example: how the video game universe has been largely inspired by the codes established for decades by horror, war, gangster, fantasy and other films.

Of course, we can “play” in the worlds of Star Wars, James Bond, The Lord of the Rings, The Blair Witch Project and many others. But the cinema does not only haunt the direct video game adaptations of its greatest successes. It insinuates itself into a vast category of games which willingly borrow its imagery, its aesthetics, its character or situation archetypes.

« Video games are not created in an empty space, says Selim Krichane, teacher-researcher at the University of Lausanne and author of The Imaginary Camera (history and theory of video game viewing modes), published by Georg. The people who produce and consume them have had, since the 1970s, a certain number of cultural references, among which popular Hollywood cinema is a key reference: war, science fiction, horror or action films. , the first blockbusters by George Lucas or Steven Spielberg…”

This influence, on (at least) one or two generations of game designers, is therefore above all that of genre cinema. One finds there, much more than in other regions of the seventh art, ” immediately recognizable and identifiable codes “, notes Marion Poirson-Dechonne, lecturer in cinema at the University of Montpellier, who directed the collective work Video games and cinema, udo interactive creation (ed. Charles Corlet).

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