January 25, 2022

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Warren Ellis & Nick Cave sign the music for Marie Amiguet’s documentary on photographer Vincent Munier and writer Sylvain Tesson in search of the snow leopard. Their ethereal score develops large contemplative moments magnifying the mystery of nature, instants a tension for the fear of being spotted by animals, without being too present to spare the sound dimension. Nick Cave lends his voice for an original song, “We are not alone” (with lyrics by Sylvain Tesson, end credits) as well as for “Mountain Scramble” (extract from the soundtrack of “Loin Des Hommes”, 2015) heard at the appearance of a Bear.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

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David Sztanke meets on this romantic comedy by Jérôme Bonnell.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

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Michael Giacchino reunites with Jon Watts for the third installment of the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” saga after “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017) and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019).

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

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Armand Amar meets Denis Imbert on this adventure comedy.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Ginge Anvik and Lise Voldsdal sign the music for this Norwegian documentary, Hans Lukas Hansen’s first film on the quest of a luthier in search of the best tree to make an exceptional violin.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Jura Ferina & Pavao Miholjevic sign the music for Radu Jude’s Romanian drama.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Jeffrey Campbell Binner & Ben Lovett sign the music for Jim Cummings & PJ McCabe’s thriller.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Pierre-Jean Beaudoin signs the music for the animated film by Jean-Jacques Denis & Anthony Roux.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Singer Albin De La Simone signs the music for Arthur Dreyfus’ documentary and returns to the cinema after the animated short “La Vie de Château” (by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat & Nathaniel H’limi, 2021).

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Manuel Merlot & Cedryck Santens sign the music for Anissa Bonnefont’s documentary.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Philippe Rombi reunites with Alexandra Leclère on her new comedy after “The Great Sharing” (2015) and “Alternate Guard” (2017) on which she had reused the music from their first collaboration (with additions from Mathieu Lamboley).

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Apollon de Moura, Adrian Gucze, Jascha Heidicke, Eric Krause, Andreas Kübler, Sebastian Kübler, Florian Wunsch participate in the music of the animated film by Holger Tappe which had called on Hendrik Schwarzer on the first part.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

Eric Neveux signs the music for the documentary by Sophie Bachelier & Valérie Malek, with additional Senegalese music by Jay and Fafadi.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)


Lele Marchitelli returns to Paolo Sorrentino after “La Grande bellezza” (2013), “The Young Pope” (2016), Silvio et les autres (2018), The New Pope (2020) and Loro 1 & 2 (2019).

Exclusively on Netflix (12-15-2021)

Dario Marianelli meets on this British family adventure Gil Kenan who had called on Douglas Pipes on “Monster House” (2006), Andrew Lockington for “The City of Shadows” (2008) and Marc Streitenfeld on “Poltergeist ” (2015).

Directly on Canal + (on 12-17-2021)

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Jay Wadley signs the music for Benjamin Cleary’s SF drama.

Exclusively on Apple TV + (on 12-17-2021)

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Philippe Miller finds Arnaud Bedouët on this new TV movie after “Clandestin” (2010).

Directly on Arte (on 12-17-2021)

Daniel Pemberton by Aaron Sorkin. behind the scenes of a 1950s Sitcom

Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (21-12-2021)

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Mateo Messina signs the music for the comedy series by Justin Spitzer.

Season 6 on Netflix (12-15-2021)

Pat Irwin signs the music for Clyde Phillips’ crime series.

10 episodes on Canal + Séries (on 12-16-2021)

Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova sign the music for this fantastic series by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

Season 2 on Netflix (12-17-2021)

Nathan Barr signs the music for 10 episodes of Tony McNamara’s series, a historical biopic on Queen Catherine (Elle Fanning).

Season 2 on Starzplay (on 12-19-2021)

Matthew Simpson signs the music for Rose Matafeo’s British comedy series.

6 episodes on Canal + Séries (on 20-12-2021)

Dan Romer and Mike Tuccillo sign the music for the 10 episodes of Sam Boyd’s romantic series.

Season 2 on OCS (on 12-20-2021)

Christian Lundberg & Hans Zimmer sign the music for the adventure series by Ashley Pharoah & Caleb Ranson after Jules Verne.

8 episodes on France 2 (on 20-12-2021)


The Howling is one of the absolutely inseparable thriller / horror scores of the musical universe of Pino Donaggio, a composer who has often been compared to Bernard Herrmann for his taste for highly written atonal atmospheres and strange, inventive, sometimes even eccentric orchestrations.

(At the movie theater on 12-15-2021)

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