June 30, 2022

What are the best movies and series to watch while waiting for Christmas?

Here we are. Night is falling earlier and earlier, temperatures are cooling off and the holiday season is just around the corner. What could be better during this winter period than to sit on your sofa and watch comforting content, accompanied by a blanket and a good hot chocolate?

While the first TV movies and Christmas series are pointing the tip of their noses on VOD platforms, 20 Minutes has gone through the catalog of outings for you.

An inclusive love story

The TV movie season has been open since the beginning of November. And every year, it’s the same catchphrase: TF1, M6, W9, France Télés… All the channels broadcast somewhat kitsch rom-coms that smell like fir and gingerbread. Yet one of them stands out from the crowd: A Christmas from Hell, broadcast on TF1 on November 9.

Hugo, returned to Wisconsin to spend the Christmas holidays with his mother, played by the iconic Fran Drescher (A nanny from hell) is going to meet Patrick, a young man who was in the same high school as him, more than ten years ago.

Here, the originality of the program lies not in the plot, which ticks all the cliché boxes, but rather in the flagship couple formed by Hugo and Patrick. If Netflix had already offered an inclusive winter fiction in 2019 with Love flakes, A Christmas from Hell is the first Christmas TV movie broadcast by TF1 to feature a homosexual couple.

A Christmas series made in France

We were already talking about it on the eve of its broadcast on Netflix. Christmas Flow, a 3-episode miniseries, co-created by Henri Debeurme, Victor Rodenbach and author Marianne Levy, takes place in a snowy Paris, in the middle of Christmas. In this setting frenchy at will, we follow the meeting between Marcus, played by rapper Tayc and Shirine Boutella in the role of Lyna.

Tayc and Shirine Boutella will star in “Christmas Flow”. – Netflix

He is a rap star, accused of having made misogynistic remarks in one of his songs. She, a feminist journalist with a strong character. If in this scenario, directed by Nadège Loiseau, everything seems to oppose the two characters, the magic of Christmas, never far away, will make them fall in love with each other.

A controversial romantic comedy

In Love Hard, broadcast since November on Netflix, we follow the love affairs of Natalie, played by the star of Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev. This journalist, whose sentimental life is rather chaotic, registers on a dating application where she is going to meet Josh. The virtual love at first sight is immediate. Natalie therefore decides to go visit her prince charming on Christmas Eve. However, once there, the young woman realizes that Josh used the photos of his friend Tag to seduce her.

Comedy feelgood par excellence, Love Hard however struggled to find its audience. For some viewers the magic of Christmas was not enough. On Twitter, many were shocked by the use of catfishing – fraudulent technique which consists in creating a character or lying about his identity on social networks – in the scenario.

To watch as a family

On the occasion of its Disney + Day, on November 12, the streaming platform announced a release that may delight young and old. Disney + has released a spin-off of the must-see Christmas movie from the 1990s, Mom I missed the plane soberly titled Mom I missed the plane: it’s starting again.

In this reboot, Max Mercer replaced the famous Kevin McCallister. But the ten-year-old boy also finds himself inadvertently forgotten at home by his parents, who went on vacation to Japan. A series of more absurd incidents will follow. For lovers of the original version, the first installment directed by Chris Columbus is also available on Disney +.