January 26, 2022

Warner to relaunch film in theaters to rebuild his health at the box office

Warner Bros. intends to wring out all the box office spice when coming out Dune in its IMAX version.

A few months ago, predictions were rife about the future financial fate of the Dune by Denis Villeneuve. In 2017, the fate of Blade Runner 2049 had left us with a taste of Replicant tears deep in our throats, with its $ 150 million budget for $ 259 at the box office. Trying to adapt the unsuitable work of Frank Herbert was to risk the same fate as David Lynch who had already rubbed shoulders with it and had lost many feathers in the battle for his Dune of 1984 (37 million against 40 of the budget).

With health restrictions hampering its operation, we greatly feared the failure of the film at the box office. Yet against all odds, Dune is doing almost well, collecting around 366 million dollars at the global box office including 267 million internationally (pile 100 million more than Blade Runner 2049). North American box office level, if Dune does not venture far from its predecessor (92 million) with 99 million collected in a month and a half, it is without counting on the revenues generated by the simultaneous release of the film on HBO Max.

A cash vacuum

The SF blockbuster is also the second Warner film released simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platform to cross the 100 million mark (the first being Godzilla vs. Kong). An assessment that allows him to look a little more serenely at the future, especially at the level of the trilogy envisaged by Villeneuve. And as the saying goes, you shouldn’t sell the skin of your tentpole before you have wrung it out of your last crown.

The film should therefore be released in IMAX on limited theatrical coverage as of December 3. Currently, nearly 50 million of Dune’s total balance sheet comes from operations in IMAX format, or almost 13% of its 367 million. If the film will not cross the 200 million dollars at the local box office with such a release, the latter will have the merit of reminding the world that the best SF film of the year has already been released.

Dune: Photo Timothée ChalametOuinOuin, Denis Villeneuve over-rated, Dune =poop…”

The moderate, but undeniable, success of Dune will have at least had the merit ofopen the breach to a whole series of adaptations of SF works deemed unsuitable. The next few years should therefore offer us an adaptation of L’Incal by Taika Waititi as well as that ofHyperion produced by Bradley Cooper. Ambitious and unique frescoes that we can’t wait to see sweeping across the screens, in order to take everything away Bodins in Thailand like loin de nos multiplexes.