July 3, 2022

Warner takes note of change in strategy with release date

The Batman will have its chances in theaters! In any case, this is what we can think of following Warner’s announcement to opt for an offbeat release on HBO Max.

Recently, Warner hasn’t really made any friends with cinemas. For several years now, the big studios have been battling to reduce the delay between the release of films in theaters and their release in streaming. But the Covid-19 changed everything: with the closure of many cinemas around the world, Warner has stepped up releases on two broadcast channels. In other words, many blockbusters have been released at the same time in theaters and on HBO Max, facilitating their piracy and causing a big loss of earnings for American operators, already weakened by the pandemic. But things should change in the coming months.

So when will it be released?

In all, seventeen films underwent this double-release in 2021 (a little more if you count those of the fall of 2020), according to the aggregator of critics. Rotten Tomatoes. We obviously think of Wonder Woman 1984, at Dune, at Godzilla vs. Kong or even more recently at Matrix Resurrections whose box office debut is more than sluggish (thank you Spider-Man !).

In 2022, the release of The Batman, New Batman Adventures with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. The film has a complex genesis: initially, it was Ben Affleck who was to write, direct and act in the film, then the actor set sail. Director Matt Reeves (The Planet of the Apes) then took over the project and decided to write the story of a Batman younger (and more tortured than ever). The film is expected in theaters for the 2 mars 2022. This date is quite late: the shooting was very late when its main actor caught the Covid-19, in the fall of 2020.

The Batman : photoPapa Penguin

Only a few more months to wait, and HBO Max subscribers will have to wait even longer to see the film from their sofa: the film will be available on the platform from the 19 avril 2022. This is what Jason Killar, the new boss of WarnerMedia, announced at the microphone of Comicbook :

“Remember, the movies used to air on HBO eight to nine times after they hit theaters. The Batman will be on HBO Max on the forty-sixth day after its release. It’s a huge change from 2018, 2017, 2016 … “

The Batman : photoOperators hope for a booming start

This decision comes a few months after the announcement of a negotiation between the Hollywood giant and the Cineworld franchise (which notably manages the Regal cinemas across the Atlantic). After several years of forcing on the part of entertainment monsters, each studio had taken advantage of the pandemic to impose its release tempo. Disney, Warner and the others then took the opportunity to shatter the media timeline.

The agreement, signed last March, will take effect in 2022 and The Batman will be one of the first feature films to benefit from it. He plans that all the Warner-stamped blockbusters will be released on HBO Max, forty-five days after their theatrical release … Unless a new variant comes to empty theaters again, of course. In which case, Warner will certainly return to his bipolar strategy.