July 2, 2022

[VIDÉO] Hugues Puyau, a Rennes-style fan film maker – Rennes

“The young boy who wants to make a Superman film in Rennes, with Batman… He’s crazy”. From the very mouth of Hugues Puyau, these are words that have long been repeated to him. He and his associates officiate in Rennes within the Multivers fan films association. Their goal: to shoot amateur or self-produced films about DC Comics superheroes.

With the Rennais Hugues Puyau, in the production, and Jacques Hersant, in the direction, Multivers fan films turns this fall of a voluntary but ambitious short film: Wonder Woman 1944. A 30-minute tribute to the golden age of Super hero. It should be released in 2023.

On newsstands, Le Mensuel de Rennes in November delivers a report in pictures on the set. In video, Hugues Puyau looks back on his passion and this unique project in France.

The Monthly of Rennes of November 2021 (The Monthly of Rennes)

“The DC Comics? I grew up with these characters and I wanted to take ownership of the universe. It’s not called “fan films” for nothing. These are films made for fans. Fans of these universes who love to eat it. I assume that we do what we love with our cultural background. And then, if you don’t like it, you don’t click! “

“We are at least on a budget of € 25,000. For an amateur film, it laughs more ”, he specifies. “We are the ones who bring the majority of the funds. It’s self-production, let’s be clear. We did a crowdfunding. We asked for € 3,000 and we managed to get € 7,000 ”.

Vintage cars, extras, costumes… The first filming session of Wonder Woman 1944 required five days of filming. A second is planned.

While waiting for Wonder Woman 1944, the other productions of Multiverse fan films are available on the association’s Youtube channel.

More info and photos from the filming of Wonder Woman 1944 in November’s Le Mensuel de Rennes, available on newsstands and digitally.